The Idahoan Show Creates The Hypothetical Archers’ Rifle

    The Idahoan Show Archers' Rifle.

    The Idahoan Show Creates The Hypothetical Archers' Rifle - The rifle in its simple beauty.

    YouTube… as firearm enthusiasts we have plenty of reasons to complain about how this video repository is run. Yet there’s still a lot of great content in it, which keeps us coming back for more. Sometimes their algorithms work even surprisingly well, suggesting videos we actually could really like. One of such cases brought yours truly to discover “The Archers Rifle” by the channel named The Idahoan Show.

    The Idahoan Show – The Archers Rifle (TIS237)

    The rifle designed by Tim “The Idahoan” is a very peculiar creation which started life from a “What if…” kind of question. Picturing a world where a kingdom with trained archers has to suddenly catch up with better equipped foes, by moving to muzzleloading rifles, “The Idahoan” thought about the features that would make the switch from bows as seamless as possible.

    So the idea of a muzzleloading “boomstick“* to be handled and fired such as a bow would, was born.

    The Idahoan about to shoot.

    The Idahoan Show Creates The Hypothetical Archers’ Rifle – The Idahoan drawing the rifle as if it was a bow.

    The full video below not only gives a quick explanation of the concept but, before the test firing, offers a very interesting overview of the manufacturing steps. Seeing how the “rifle” came to be allows the viewer to realize that, what looked like a raw execution, is anything but. From the rifling and crowning of the barrel, to the welding and machining of the breech plug area, The Idahoan spent quite some time and attention to details and finishes. The end result is much more refined than its minimalist, understated, looks may show at a glance.

    The firing test shows a fairly poor accuracy potential, although The Idahoan admits that his own skills are very far from those of “hypothetical trained archers”. He is however, honest in pointing out the limits of the design. During the video it looks like the barrel may start to point upwards during fire, therefore affecting accuracy. This could maybe be solved with a rear grip designed to stay in the hand once the “hammer” is released. The photo below, however, shows that the bullet has already left the barrel when the weapon starts pivoting on the front grip.

    The Idahoan taking a close shot.

    The Idahoan Show Creates The Hypothetical Archers’ Rifle – Making it easier to hit the target. Good shot which captures both the smoke from the primer ignition and from the blackpowder burn.


    The Idahoan makes it clear that this design has no practical use, yet it is fun and cool, and we can’t argue with that. While stretching the concept to give it a purpose may be hard, maybe a cartridge based version with folding front grip and suitable sights could have some success as a compact “survival” tool. Let us know in the comments what you think about it.

    *Boomstick really looks like a suitable name, not only because of its shape, but the concept of “arming medieval soldiers with black powder weapons” has some Army of Darkness feel to it.

    All photos kindly shared by The Idahoan Show.

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