POTD: Romanian Suppressed Pistol Mitralieră model 1990 (AKM)

    Welcome again to TFB’s Photo Of The Day. As the name implies, these daily articles are dedicated to rare and unique pictures. Today we look at the Romanian Pistol Mitralieră model 1990. Chambered in 7.62x39mm and it is the first side-folding stock version produced in Romania.

    Picture and caption by SveenysArmory, used with permission.

    So my friend went to pick up his Romanian PM md. 90 that he bought at an auction.

    Back home, he noticed that the „leather pouch“ mentioned in the catalog was missing.

    He imagined that it would be some kind of magazine pouch or something, so he didn’t really pay much attention and simply forgot about it.

    Nevertheless, he contacted the seller, Kessler Auktionen AG (look them up, they’re awesome), and they were happy to send it to him by post.

    Not to mention my friend was pretty surprised when he found a fairly big box on his doorstep.

    He was like “What the hell did I order? Surely it can’t be the magazine pouch”. Well, he was right, it was no magazine pouch.

    In it was this beauty. A premium leather gun case that must’ve been custom fitted for this gun by a Swiss leather atelier.

    The contents of the case are now as follows:

    – PM md. 90 short AKM rifle
    – Authentic Russian PBS-1 suppressor*
    – Russian PK-A red dot optic*
    – Two spare magazines
    – Cleaning kit
    – Sling

    (*The optic and suppressor he already owned and luckily, they fit into the case as well)

    Link to SveenysArmory:


    If you want to see the auction house, here is a direct link for your convenience: Kessler Auktionen AG.


    Have you ever done any discoveries like this at auctions?