Galco’s New QuickTuk Cloud Holster for the SIG P320C

    Galco QuickTuk Cloud
    Galco has just introduced the QuickTuk Cloud IWB holster for the SIG Sauer P320C as well as the M18 pistol. The QuickTuk Cloud is a combination of the holster that combines the durability and reliability of Kydex with more comfortable materials.

    Galco’s New QuickTuk Cloud for the SIG P320C

    Galco QuickTuk Cloud
    As a concealed carrier myself, I know how difficult carrying a concealed weapon all day could be. Comfort is at the top of my list when it comes to searching for IWB holsters especially. The QuickTuk Cloud uses a unique backing plate that combines a ballistic nylon front cover over a closed-cell foam body. This is then lined with Galco’s own Comfort Cloth. Extended sessions of wearing the holster no longer need to be uncomfortable as the plate and padding’s moisture-wicking properties allow the holster to stay comfortable throughout the day.
    Galco QuickTuk Cloud

    The holster adds convenient concealment to the primary aspect of comfort. With Galco’s KingTuk series you get a two clip attachment system for good security to the beltline. However, many will prefer the single clip attachment style as this allows the wearer greater seed when equipping and unequipping the holster.

    The QuickTuk Cloud uses this single clip attachment method using a patent-pending tuckable polymer UniClip. The Clip is adjustable vertically using the holes on the backing plate which allows for carrying height adjustment based on user preference.

    Galco QuickTuk Cloud

    Lastly, the rigid, open-top Kydex holster pocket is what allows the QuickTuk Cloud to remain efficient and fast. The design allows for a full grip to be achieved upon grabbing the pistol and a subsequent fast draw. The Kydex shell also allows for a safer and faster return to holster while firmly retaining the gun in the holster when it is not needed.

    Galco QuickTuk Cloud

    The QuickTuk Cloud is available now for your P320C/M18 handgun currently only in one color and right-hand configuration. The QuickTuk Cloud for the P320C/M18 has an MSRP of $55.

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