New “Gunmat” Gun Cleaning Mat With Trays From Strike Industries

    Despite launching numerous new products at the SHOT Show 2020, Strike Industries has branched out yet again by releasing a new gun cleaning mat, aptly named the “Gunmat”, which features incorporated trays for keeping small gun parts from rolling away.  Strike Industries’ new mat is similar to other popular designs in that the mat is padded, but deviates from them with the multiple molded trays for keeping smaller parts where you want them, or by keeping parts separated if working on several guns at once.

    Strike Industries Gunmat Gun Mat

    Strike Industries had the following to say about their new gun cleaning mat on their website:

    The Strike Industries Gunmat is a simple solution for an unorganized work bench. Multiple, deep compartments and a raised border ensures that any small parts or components will stay where you want them to stay. Made out of a compression-molded EVA + Hydrophobic Nylon material, the Strike Industries Gunmat will not get all gunked up with liquids and oils that ruin other Gun Mats over time. Simple, sleek, and effective design.

    Product Features:
    -Multiple large compartments
    -Raised mat border to prevent parts from rolling off
    -Slip-resistant base
    -Compression molded
    -Hydrophobic material

    Package Includes
    1 x Gunmat

    400 mm L x  300 mm W  x 20 mm H

    The Gunmat has a listed price of $24.95 on Strike Industries’ website, which is slightly more than other flat mats on the market.

    Strike Industries Gunmat Gun Mat

    Strike Industries Gunmat Gun Mat

    I haven’t had an abundance of rolling parts when I clean guns, but I do like the organizational approach with this design.  One problem I’ve had with other mats is putting black pins on a black mat, but at least with the Gunmat, one wouldn’t have to worry about accidentally brushing unseen pieces off.

    What do you think about the new Strike Industries gun mat?  Do you think it would help secure parts over more traditional gun mats currently on the market?

    Doug E

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