POTD: Suppressed Altor Corps Single Shot Pistol

    During our SHOT Show 2020 coverage we had the chance to get hands on with Altor Corp’s single shot 9x19mm pistol. Altor claim it to be the simplest 9mm on the market and they’re probably right!

    As soon as we looked at it we thought – this needs to be suppressed. And thankfully one of our readers thought so too and had already made the dream come true.

    The Altor Corp single shot pistol with the barrel removed (Matthew Moss/TFB)

    P.K. chimed in the comments to say that he’d suppressed his and kindly sent in a photo of the Altor Corp gun sporting a YHM Cobra 9. It looks as awesome as we had envisaged. The length of the Cobra 9 compared to the pistol itself is almost comical. It would be cool to also see Altor Corp’s gun running one of the smaller cans, like a Gemtech Aurora 2.

    Thanks again to P.K. for sharing!