Underground Arms Watch – January Pt.2

    Welcome to another installment of Underground Arms Watch series where we take a look at criminally made and modified firearms seized throughout the world.

    Modified suppressed rifle seized by Italian police

    Pictured is a modified ‘Contender’ type single-shot pistol fitted with a curious DIY suppressor arrangement which was seized by police in Italy from a Cannabis grower along with other firearms last Saturday.

    Blitz of the Guardia di Finanza of Olgiate Comasco on Saturday evening. In Valmorea (Como), the agents stopped the car of a 45-year-old Italian, who had 100 grams of hashish in his pants. After searching his home, the Yellow Flames found another 150 grams of marijuana and a greenhouse for indoor growing of hemp.

    In a box not far from the home, six bags were found containing 198 kg of hashish, sealed under vacuum and sprinkled with diesel oil, so as to go unnoticed to a possible control of the dog units.

    In a second box, on the other hand, another 16 kg of marijuana were perfectly packed and ready to be delivered, two professional scales and four firearms, including a pump action shotgun, two carbines, equipped with precision binoculars and one last carbine , cleverly modified, equipped with silencers and over 100 bullets, 12, 22 and 44 caliber.

    Below is a Glock 17 fitted with an auto switch which was seized during a drug bust in Milwaukee on the 16th. It is very likely a Wish.com Special which have shown up frequently around the country.

    Photo: fox6now.com

    On Wednesday, Jan. 15 officers executed search warrants in both Milwaukee and Puerto Rico resulting in the seizure of approximately 15 kilograms of cocaine, at least 50 grams of heroin, at least 80 grams of crack cocaine, 35 firearms (25 handguns, 8 rifles, 1 fully automatic handgun, and 1 sawed-off shotgun) and approximately $267,000 in U.S. currency.Fox6

    Police in Trinidad and Tobago seized this 9mm AR pistol earlier in the week. Let us know if you can identify the exact model or combination of parts in the comments section.

    Delhi police uncover illegal pistol factory, seize 60 guns

    Displayed is part of a haul of locally manufactured pistols seized last week. It’s a mix of external hammer and striker-fired semi-automatic pistols as well as traditional locally crafted ‘katta’ single shots. The quality of many of these locally made pistols seems to be increasing, as is the frequency of such manufacturing operations being uncovered.

    “A team of the Delhi Police’s Special Cell has busted an illegal firearms manufacturing factory in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut and arrested two men allegedly involved in an interstate racket of illegal arms supply. The factory was busted as part of a special drive that the Delhi Police Special Cell has launched ahead of the Republic Day celebrations and assembly elections in the national capital.

    During the bust, police recovered 60 fully finished semi-automatic pistols along with unfinished firearms and machinery used in the manufacture the arms. Two men — identified as Sanjeev of Rohtak, Haryana and Noor Hasan of Meerut, UP, were also arrested.

    The recoveries and arrested were made following a tip-off about the illegal supply of arms. Acting on the tip-off officers of the Delhi Police Special Cell apprehended Sanjeev from near Shamshan Ghat in Delhi’s Haiderpur area where he had allegedly come to supply a consignment of illegal weapons to one of his Delhi-based contacts.

    Police recovered 10 semi-automatic pistols were recovered from Sanjeev, who also revealed during interrogation that he procured the arms from one Noor Hasan from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. Following this, police raided a location in Meerut’s Humayun Nagar area, where they discovered an illegal arms manufacturing factory.

    The police later arrested Noor Hasan and seized 50 more illegal pistols along with raw materials including springs, barrel and magazine, and arms manufacturing machinery. Noor Hasan was identified as Fakruddin, a notorious name in the field of arms smuggling.” India Today

    Makeshift weapons seized from kidnapping gang

    On the lower end, rural bandits in poor countries will put together weapons from any available junk. Often these will have mock magazines added to appear more intimidating from a distance or at night.

    The Meghalaya Police on Sunday busted a gang of kidnappers involved in the abduction of a driver from Assam near Dingok village under Bajengdoba Police Station. The victim was later rescued unharmed by the police.

    The police arrested two members of the gang, hailing from North Garo Hills, one of who is a habitual offender. A third member of the gang, who was with them at the time of the police action, managed to escape their clutches. The two criminals have been identified as Rupen Marak (36) and Danseng G Momin (20). Rupen is a habitual criminal and was out on bail. Both of them are residents of the village of Raja Apal under Bajengdoba PS. Shillong News

    A makeshift submachine gun seized on Tuesday by police in Londrina, Brazil. This particular example is built using a semi-automatic trigger unit from a paintball marker.

    Policia Militar


    Improvised firearms seized during West Bank raids

    Israeli security forces have seized dozens of guns owned illegally by Palestinians in the West Bank over the past month and a half, including two M-16 assault rifles, the military said Tuesday.

    The military said it has been cracking down on guns in the possession of Palestinians over the past six weeks, conducting searches in villages and towns throughout the West Bank. With the exception of Palestinian Authority security officials, West Bank Palestinians are prohibited by Israel from owning guns.

    “During these sweeps, forces seized many weapons, including 13 hand guns, 25 Carlo-style submachine guns, two M-16 rifles and ammunition,” the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement.

    Carlo-style submachine guns are a variety of simple, locally produced firearms, based loosely on the design of the Swedish Carl Gustav submachine gun. Security forces also shut down five workshops throughout the West Bank where guns were being manufactured.” Times of Israel

    Homemade suppressed, supposedly full auto pistol seized by Slovakian police

    Here’s an interesting example recently posted to the FW subreddit:

    I took this picture a couple years ago. If i ever see it again, i will be sure to ask for more pictures an details!
    Back then it was such a big moment i forgot to take more pictures. I was just amazed by the quality on it.
    The magazine looked like a mix of a PM and APS mag.

    I can’t remember much but it looks like it is single action with a slide catch at the left side. Strangely, the magazine release is positioned relatively well, which is interesting because that would mean they managed or at least planned to make multiple mags and make them all feed reliably enough.

    The suppressor was made of very thick pipe and was supposed to act as a handguard of sorts to keep the gun stable in full auto.

    The original post can be read here.