[SHOT 2020] Mid-Evil Industries Overwatch Commander QD Tripod System

    I met Steve of Mid-Evil a few years ago at the Big 3 East Media event. Back then Mid-Evil was trying to get awareness of their 360° VFG. It found use on Kel-Tec Shotguns and some ARs. To expand the line Steve added a QD pocket tripod system typically used for photography however he has improved these items. His QD tripod system is called the Overwatch Commander.

    Overwatch Commander Needs A Solid Foundation

    The Overwatch Commander is an evolution of Mid-Evil’s QD tripod. I use one of is tripods for my spotting scope. When folded it is the size of a large soup can. But when deployed it is actually very stable for spotting by myself. I typically keep my spotting scope on the shooting bench or on the ground next to me while mounting my iPhone to the eyepiece to film what I am shooting.

    There is a monopod adapter that screws into the bottom of my spotting scope which is the heart of the QD system. Steve added one of these monopod adapters to the bottom of the tripod and now you can quickly add on the Overwatch Commander mono pod.

    You can see the monopod adapter installed at the bottom of the QD tripod.

    You can dock the QD tripod to the carbon fiber extension.

    Yes you can get the joke out now, “I heard you like tripods so I added a tripod to your tripod”. The benefit to Mid-Evil’s Overwatch Commander system is the flexibility for . . . overwatch missions.

    In the video above, Jason helped demonstrate the flexibility of the overwatch commander. Jason is Law Enforcement in Alaska and all his overwatch guys use the Mid-Evil tripod system. All components have been tested and ran in temperatures as low as -24°F. One of the aspects that Jason likes about the Overwatch Commander is how light the entire system is. His teams’ load out can only be a max of 35 lbs per officer. The system only weighs a couple pounds.

    If need be, the entire rifle can be disconnected from the tripod within seconds. There is a large collar ring covered in grip tape, just pull that collar down and lift up on the rifle.

    The entire Overwatch Commander retails for $730 and consists of the following pieces.

    This configuration includes 2 QD Tripods, 1 QD Adjustable Monopod, 1 QD Stabilizing Extension, 1 Tripod Adapter, 1 Monopod Adapter, 1 Modular Direct Connect and 1 Standard Tripod Extension.

    Go to their website for more information.

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