[SHOT 2020] MDT releases new XRS chassis and lots more.

    MDT's new XRS chassis

    MDT has been coming on very strong in the precision rifle world in the past few years.  With the release of their ACC chassis last year, they became contenders for a seat at the head of the precision rifle chassis table. Not ones to let up on the accelerator they have expanded their product line again this year, most notably with the XRS (Crossover Rifle Stock)

    The XRS according to MDT:

    The XRS Chassis is designed for shooters that want the fit and feel of a traditional shaped rifle stock with the benefits of a modern precision rifle chassis system. Each XRS Chassis is constructed from a full-length CNC machined core of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum wearing high strength textured polymer panels for insulation from the elements. The precision aluminum V-block bedding system ensures fit and function to maximize the accuracy of any rifle action. The XRS Chassis features a replaceable over molded and textured grip system, with both an angled grip and a vertical grip included in box.

    The XRS Chassis is the most advanced and configurable crossover stock on the market and is the ideal performance upgrade for any factory rifle or foundation for a custom rifle build. Weighing in at 3.9lbs (depending on inlet), the XRS is ideal for both hunting or target rifles. The XRS features adjustable length of pull via spacers from 13.25” to 15+” and a quick adjust cheek piece to adjust for scope height over bore. The XRS accepts standard AICS pattern magazines and has an easy to manipulate ambidextrous magazine latch. The generous 12” long Forend comes with M-LOK slots built in for accessory mounting and attachment of ARCA or picatinny rails.


    The XRS Chassis is currently manufactured for the following bolt action rifle platforms, with more to come soon.

    • Remington 700 Short Action and clones


    Core is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum

    High strength Polymer Panels

    12” M-LOK compatible forend

    LOP starts at 13″ and can be adjusted with spacers

    Adjustable cheek rest height

    Will accommodate barrels up to 1.25″ diameter

    Compatible with AICS pattern .223 or .308 Short Action magazines

    Interchangeable vertical and angled grips included

    Weight: 3.9lbs

    Price $499.95

    My Thoughts:

    Personally, I like the feel of a conventional rifle stock.  I like being able to place my thumb behind the tang of the action.  This is not possible on most chassis rifles. The XRS gives me that option.  Additionally, it seems to have the advantages of most chassis systems; the ability to drop the action in with no bedding, lots of modularity (cheek height, length of pull and grip angle) and an integrated acra rail.   

    I really liked this grip.


    MDT has been in the magazine game for a couple of years now, and as with everything they do they are trying to innovate.  For example, this summer I wrote up a press release on their 6mmBR magazine which was the first factory offered AICS style mag designed to run the short fat cartridge.  This year MDT will have their polymer/metal hybrid magazines available. These will be lighter weight than a standard metal mag and incorporate a round count window.  The price will be $49.95.  Finally,  MDT has discussed a midlength magazine option becoming available later this year.

    New Hybrid magazine

    CKYE pod:

    MDT bought CKYE-pod last year and it has been a very popular item for them.  In fact, it has been so popular they are releasing 3 new variants this year. The heavy-duty is designed for use with magnum caliber rifles.  The double pull is designed to aid shooters in the high-prone position, and the triple pull, which extends up to 36”, will give shooters more stability in seated or kneeling positions.  These bipods are not cheap (the triple pull pictured will sell for just under $1,000) but they do offer a very specific set of capabilities.  

    The most robust 36″ bipod available

    Other News:  

    MDT is working on the second generation of their verticle grip, which promises to be easier to adjust and more ergonomic.   Lastly, and maybe most exciting to some, is MDT’s acquisition of J Allen Enterprises (JAE), JAE were makers of fine precision rifle chassis in their own right.  There is no hard timeframe for those stocks to be released, but I am sure there are some JAE diehards who will be waving their Benjamins and yelling “Take my money” as soon as a date is released.  

    Gen2 verticle grip on the left next to the Gen1 on the right

    For more information visit: https://mdttac.com/us_en/