[SHOT 2020] Horus Vision – A Complete Solution

    Horus is offering a family of products for long-range shooter.

    Most long-range shooters know Horus for their reticles like the H-59, Tremor2, and Tremor3.  They were the pioneers in what we now refer to as Christmas tree style reticles. They focused on the ability to have a refined hold point for hold-overs and provide for faster follow-up shots.  What many shooters may not know is Horus was also one of the early providers of ballistic software. At that time there weren’t apps for in the iTunes store for long-range shooting, in fact, the solver came on an SD card and needed to be run on a PDA or a Trimble device.  Things evolved and ATrag was integrated into the Kestrel 4500. Finally, ATrag was eclipsed by Applied Ballistics and we haven’t seen much of it since. Well, Horus Vision (under new ownership since 2016) is back with a suite of equipment to help the long-range shooter.

    From back in the day when .308 Win. was king and Rem 700 was the go-to factory option.



    The HoVR 1.0 Rangefinder uses a class 1 laser to range reflective objects out to 2000 yards.  It is capable of transmitting that range information via Bluetooth to the Horus Vision app on the user’s phone.

    New weather station.

    Weather Station/ Anemometer

    The HoVR 1.0 Weather Meter measures wind speed, temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure and altitude.  Once again this information is transmitted to the users Horus Vision app on their smart device. 

    The whole family.


    The Tremor3 Reticle


    From Horus Vison’s website:

    It offers outstanding clarity, crispness, and color contrast at every magnification setting, offering excellent performance at both close and long ranges. It features side parallax adjustment, capped windage turret, and a zero set elevation turret which allows a quick return to your initial zero setting, regardless of how many elevation adjustments you’ve made. The fast focus eyepiece makes for quick diopter setting and throw lever enables easy magnification adjustment without taking your eye out of the scope. 

    With the HoVR 5-20×50 accurate and Long Range shots have never been easier!


    Main Product Features

    • TREMOR3 Reticle
    • Fast-Focus Eyepiece
    • Side Parallax Adjustment
    • Elevation Adjustment
    • Windage Adjustment
    • Power Zoom Ring
    • Zero Set Elevation Adjustment (5-20 x 50)


    Weight 762 g/28.88 oz
    Illumination non-illuminated
    Elevation Exposed, Setable zero
    Windage Capped
    Focal Plane First
    Reticle TREMOR3
    Magnification Range 5-20x
    Objective Lens Diameter. 50mm
    Internal Adjustment Range e: 60 MOA

    w: 50 MOA

    e: 17.5 MRAD

    w: 14.5 MRAD

    Click Value 0.1 mrad /0.25 MOA
    Parallax Adjustment. 25 m – ∞
    Eye Relief 64-78 mm/2.52-3.7 in
    Exit Pupil Diameter. 5x: 9.9 mm

    20x: 2.6 mm

    Diopter Range +/-2.5
    Field of View 5x: 20 ft

    20x: 5.3 ft

    5x: 6.1 m

    20x: 1.62 m

    My Thoughts:

    It is good that more companies are getting into total solution packages.  I would definitely prefer it if the phone was not a required part of the system and the solver was in either the weather station or the rangefinder. SHOT show is a terrible place to asses a scope due to the complete lack of natural lighting, but I am assuming at an MSRP of $1,499 it is of Japanese origin and mid-level quality.   It is probably one of the cheaper ways to get behind a Tremor3. On the subject of the Tremor3, I am not a convert. I really appreciated the Tremor 2 but I feel the addition of the H-59 behind it is just too much.  On top of that, they removed the odd numbers beside the lines which to my brain complicates the hold-over process. My preferences aside, if you are looking to get into the long-range game and need the tools and like the Tremor 3 the complete bundle for $1,799.99 might be the way to go.  More info at: https://www.horusvision.com/