[SHOT 2020] A Big Year for Ultimatum Precision – Deuce and DeFacto Actions

    The new DeFacto action from Ultimatum

    I think I can say this without offering offense, this year was the best SHOT Show yet for Ultimatum.  Two years ago when they were exhibiting in the “N” booths on the 3rd floor they faced some challenges.  They were introducing their new action, the “Deadline”, named as such for a good reason, on the heals of the less than successful U300.  Unfortunately, that year circumstances beyond their control (U.S Customs) kept them from bringing in any sample actions from Canada, so all they had was a large rotating model of the new design.  Last year was relatively uneventful, but this year……this year they knocked it out of the park.   

    If I had to choose one bolt action company that took the biggest steps forward this year it would be Ultimatum.  They released two new products into market niches that are growing steadily. Their Deuce is a rimfire action and the DeFacto is a Tikka footprinted action.

    Ultimatum’s entrance into the rimfire world.

    The Duece

    From Ultimatum: The Ultimatum Deuce is designed with long-range accuracy in mind, for those of you wanting to shoot 350 Yards+ with a rimfire, look no further than the Deuce to help get you WAY out there, and get those long-distance hits, consistently!

    Inverted cone breach so not barrel timing or extractor cuts are required.


    The Deuce Barreled Action features: 

    Remington 700 Footprint*

    Controlled Round Feed operation

    Compatible with Vudoo magazines

    Rear 3 Lug bolt with an ULTRA SMOOTH 60° bolt throw

    IBI Olympic Grade Match Barrel, with barrel nut and Inverted Cone Breech Design. 

    Proprietary DEUCE barrel contour

    User adjustable head-space to optimize performance with your ammunition

    Adjustable firing pin protrusion

    6 O’clock firing pin location, with chiseled firing pin tip 

    Integrated recoil lug

    20 MOA rail standard, attached via (4) #8×40 Torx and (1) Stainless dowel pin

    Trigger hanger system, accepts Rem 700 Pattern triggers

    Liquid Hard Nitride finish

    Price for Barreled action $1599.99

    AvailableSpring 2020


    Proprietary Barrel Contour with IBI

    My thoughts:  In talking to the folks at the booth it was immediately apparent how much thought went into the design of this barreled action. My favorite features are the adjustable firing pin protrusion, adjustable headspace barrel, and their Deuce contour.  Tweaking the headspace and firing pin protrusion have been proven methods of improving accuracy withing the rimfire world. Another thing rimfire aficionados often seek out is a choked bore (one that constricts towards the muzzle). This is often achieved during the lapping process.  Ultimatum took a different approach, understanding the concept of hoop tension they left extra material at the muzzle in an effort to achieve the same choked bore effect.    

    Who wouldn’t like a tricked out Tikka style action?

    The DeFacto

    I have long been a fan of Tikka actions.  The CTR has been high on my list of recommended rifles since 2016 when a buddy of mine purchase on that shot ½ MOA out of the box with some random reloads.  The only downside of the Tikkas is their factory stock. It works fine but it feels pretty cheap and doesn’t have any adjustment. 4 years ago there weren’t too many aftermarket stocks being offered, but since then stock manufacturers have gotten on board and now most high-end stocks are offered in Tikka inlets as well.  

    Enter the market for a barreled action.  The CTR usually sell for upwards of $850 and most people throw away the factory stock, so $1000 for a barrel action with a Triggertech trigger and IBI barrel is a pretty good value proposition.  Available spring 2020. 

    Here is what Ultimatum has to say about it:

    • The DeFacto is a high quality, smooth, and accurate custom barreled action, minus the high price tag. By doing without some of the premium features found on our flagship action like, like the fluted bolt and removable bolt head, and starting with a slimmer Tikka T3 footprint, we were able to keep the production costs down, in order to deliver a performance-focused barreled action, with a match grade barrel AND a TriggerTech 2.5 to 4.5 lb adjustable trigger at a very affordable price!
    • The DeFacto features:
    • Tikka T3 Footprint*
    • 416R Stainless Steel Action Housing
    • 4140 HTSR Alloy steel bolt, with black liquid nitride finish
    • TriggerTech M700 pattern trigger, adjustable 2.5 to 4.5lb pull weight
    • 24″ IBI Match grade 416R stainless barrel
    • Muzzle threaded ⅝” x 24 TPI, thread protector included
    • 3 lug bolt with a smooth 60° throw
    • Dual ejectors for reliable ejection
    • AICS Single stack Short and Long (3.715”) magazine compatible
    • AW Double stack short action magazine compatible
    • Removable magazine adapter block, to allow the use of both Long and Short action magazines in the same action
    • 20 MOA rail standard, attached via (4) #8×40 Torx screws and (1) Stainless dowel pin

    Both of these offerings seem well thought out and well-timed. I look forward to them hitting the market later this year. For more info or to pre-order visit https://www.ultimatumprecision.com/