[SHOT 2020] ZAI RimX 22LR Action

    ZAI introduces new RimX 22lr action

    You will be forgiven if you are not familiar with the name ZAI.  It stands for Zermatt Arms International, they are the current manufactures of the Big Horn series of actions (many readers will be more familiar with the name Big Horn Arms), the Origin and now the RimX.

    This year’s SHOT Show saw a plethora of rimfire rifles and actions being released.  I attribute this to two main factors. The overwhelming popularity of the NRL 22 and the proliferation of the Vudoo rifle, base on the Remington 40x.  If people have a competition to shoot they are going to want top-notch equipment with which to shoot it. The RimX certainly is set to deliver.

    RimX pictured with 10 and 15 round magazines

    Here is what the manufacturer has to say about it:

    The Zermatt Arms RIMX rimfire action is the newest addition to our line of precision machined bolt actions. This action was designed to fill a gap for more cost effective, real feel training while maintaining our high levels of quality and dimensional tolerance control.

    Like the Origin and TL3/SR3 actions, the RIMX follows the same Remington 700 style footprint to allow for easy fitment to stocks and chassis along with the use of R700 style triggers.

    The RIMX action uses an interchangeable bolt head system similar to that of the Origin action and TL3/SR3 line of actions. RIMX actions will be available with bolt heads for 22LR/17 Mach 2, 17 HMR/22 mag and coming soon, 17 WSM rimfire cartridges. Each bolt face features a non-protruding extraction system that allows for a flat breach face barrel to be installed without the need for timed extractor relief. This will make barrel interchangeability and installation easier than ever. Each RIMX action will include one of our proprietary magazines. The RIMX magazine is machined from 7075 aluminum and hardcoat anodized for durability. Every magazine is height adjustable with our adjustable magazine catch that allows for fine tuning the feed cycle. The RIMX magazine also has an integrated feed ramp that places the round at the most optimal angle for the smoothest overall feel. Magazines also feature a follower with easy to grab finger holds to make loading quick and easy.


    Flat bolt face makes pre-fits easy. Swappable bolt heads. Six O’clock firing hole.

    RIMX feature list:

    Rem 700 footprint

    Integrated recoil lug

    Nitrided receiver and bolt body

    DLC coated bolt head

    Non-protruding, fixed extractor

    6 o’clock position firing pin

    Toolless, bayonet style fire control

    Interchangeable bolt heads

    22LR / 17 Mach 2

    17 HMR

    17 WSM (available at a later date)

    Four options for rail incline:

    0, 20, 30 and 40 moa

    Seven options for bolt knob:

    tactical, teardrop, helical diamond, spiral diamond, competition and spiral extended

    7075 aluminum 10 round adjustable height magazine

    5 round magazine extension option

    Availability: Spring 2020

    Pricing: $1,150 

    For more details visit: https://www.rimxaction.com/


    Lothar-Walther barrels have long been a staple of the rimfire game, so it is no surprise they will be offering barrels for the RimX.

    Notice the lack of extractor cuts on the face of the barrel. This negates the need to time the barrel.

    My thoughts and impressions of the RimX :

    The action itself is well manufactured and very smooth. The flat bolt face is a neat idea allowing for ease of production and assembly of pre-fit barrels. The magazines were the nicest of any of the rimfire mags I saw at the show (also the most expensive.) ZAI seems eager to partner with barrel manufactures to have pre-fits produced, which will lead to more options for the consumer.  All in all, I recognize the premium price ZAI is charging for a 22LR action, and I am confident they will be able to offer the performance to go with it.