[SHOT 2020] Seekins Precision: New Bolt Actions and Entry Level AR-15 Line

    SP-10M from Seekins

    Seekins Precision got their start back in 2005 making high-quality aluminum scope rings.  At that time it was just Glen and his wife, Katie, in their garage with a single CNC machine.  By 2014 they had expanded the business into a 25,000 sq/ft shop with an entire workforce. Through all of this Glen hasn’t gotten a big head.  I remember my first year at SHOT (2016, I attended simply as a dealer) I was asking some different folks about what goes into making an accurate AR-15, and I stopped by the Seekins booth.  I was about 20 minutes into picking the rep’s brain when I looked down and saw his name tag. It was Glen Seekins himself. He had taken the time to talk to me and explain what he could even though I was a relative nobody in the industry.  To me, that just shows he has a real passion for what he does. I have seen the same passion with his employees. This is why I pay attention when they release something new.

    This new rifle will be a HT

    Notice the right side folder and the dust cover.

    The newest addition to the Havak line of bolt action rifles is called the HT, pronounced “hit”.   Initially, it will only be available through their custom shop, but I suspect as demand show itself this may become a regular offering.  It has some very neat features such as:

    • Replaceable M-Lok slots
    • Rightside folder (if it isn’t right it’s wrong!)
    • Dustcover
    • Quick-change barrels
    • Cool looking carbon fiber inserts
    • Price:TBD 
    • Available: Summer

    The HT action. Very beefy with a Tikka style recoil lug cutout. Also, notice the barrel tensioning screw at the front of the rail.

    Havak Element

    New Element line-up weighing in at 5.5 lbs

    Announced earlier this year was the Havak Element.  The key element here Al (aluminum). By utilizing aluminum for the action and the bolt body Seekins is able to keep the complete rifle weight at 5.5lbs.  It should be noted that the load-bearing surfaces like the bolt head and the bolt lug abutments are made out of steel, which will help prevent the galling that can occur with titanium actions.

    Notice the lighter colored stainless insert into the black aluminum action.


    “Entry-level” AR-15 

    3 options for the SP-15

    While most people wouldn’t consider $925 MSRP to be budget-priced, the SP-15 complete rifle line does offer a very good value.  The line-up is comprised of 2 rifles and a “pistol”. All 3 are made with billet upper and lowers, have ambi safeties and low-pro adjustable gas blocks and nest flash hiders. According to the folks at the booth, this rifle was designed as a no-frills version that would be well suited for LE Departmental use.  Every rifle is backed by a full lifetime guarantee.  Available mid-spring.  


    Seekins also has some interesting new M-LOK and dovetail type accessories.  To see those or to get more information on the products discussed above visit www.seekinsprecision.com