[SHOT Show 2020] B&T Industries releases new “Super CAL” bipod

    The Super Cal was designed to give the utmost stability for extreme long range and heavy recoiling rifles.

    In the precision rifle world, B&T industries is well known for their top quality bipods, monopod and rail accessories.  Starting with their monopod and moving to their V8 series then the PSR (to meet the needs of the similarly named USSOCOM rifle project) more recently the Cal and now the SUPER Cal B&T are not ones to rest on their laurels. 

    Line-up of Atlas bipods from their website

    The Super Cal, just as it sounds, is essentially the Cal on steroids.  It has the same features but is bigger in the critical dimensions like stance and height. Here are the specs and what B&T says about it:

    Atlas CAL (left) next to Super CAL (right) The Super Cal is 9 oz heavier

    The BT72 Super CAL (Cant And Loc) Atlas Bipod does not PAN. This model mounts directly to any 1913 style Picatinny rail via a low profile two screw clamp assembly. Includes patented 45° leg positions, non-rotating legs, optional quick-change feet and “Hold What You Move Technology™.”

    It is comprised of 6061-T6 aluminum that is Mil-Spec Type III hard coat anodized and has heat-treated stainless steel components. Available in black only. We choose to support a legend in the shooting sports by using the original KMW “Pod-Loc™.” Read how to adjust the Pod-Loc™ lever below.

    • Height Range: 5.75-10.87″
    • Cant: 45 degrees
    • Position Button: 0.5″ diameter
    • 5 leg positions: 0, 45, 90, 135 & 180 degrees
    • Non-Rotating Legs: outer leg does not rotate around inner leg
    • Weight: 21.54 ounces
    • Footprint: 14.75-19.37″

    Atlas foot options. Ski feet not shown.

    The astute reader will notice that B&T is using “The ORIGINAL KMW Pod-loc” and not some copy.  B&T has been plagued by counterfeiters and people stealing their patented intellectual property.  Which brings me to my last bit of news from B&T industries. Straight for the CEO’s mouth “We will be actively defending our patents”.  I take this as meaning we will be seeing fewer 5 position (0,45,90,135,180) bipods on the market or they will be paying licensing to B&T.  I understand and respect this move from B&T as intellectual property is property like any other. Don’t buy the counterfeits. If in doubt check this out.  http://www.accu-shot.com/Wright_Project.php

    These are available now here: https://www.accu-shot.com/catalog_new/60-super-cal-atlas-bipods

    Prices start at $339.95.