[SHOT 2020] Griffin Armament GP-N An A2 Nato Mount QD Suppressor

    Much of what was new for SHOT Show 2020 for Griffin Armament has already been covered by our resident suppressor addict and Editor-in-Chief, Pete. However, Griffin Armament did have something new and shiny at SHOT Show 2020. Their GP-N is a QD suppressor that attaches to an A2 Nato flash hider.

    Don’t You Mean Halo? Nope. GP-N

    My first thoughts of the GP-N, besides the shiny Captain Phasma or Cylon-esque chrome finish was that it is remarkably similar in concept to the Gemtech Halo. Griffin Armament even referenced the Halo when explaining the GP-N to me.

    The mount design is definitely inspired by the Halo but they added some much needed improvements. Four years ago I suppressed my X95 with a Gemtech Halo.

    Often the GMT-Halo knurled ring would seize up on the threads of the suppressor. Adding the heat from the suppressor makes it difficult to quickly detach.

    This issue has been addressed by Griffin Armament when they designed their GP-N suppressor. Firstly the mount is a single tube running the entire length of the suppressor which will eliminate alignment issues. They also under cut the blast chamber, See the three cut outs? Those act like a relief so gases can escape the flash hider and go forward. Less chance of the mount seizing on the flash hider like the Halo.

    Another huge improvement on the GP-N over the Halo is the addition of wrench points on the collar and can.

    As I discovered in my suppressed X95 article, the Gemtech Halo knurled ring would be difficult to remove after shooting. Griffin Armament designed their collar to use a castle nut wrench and spanner so you can tighten or loosen the GP-N. Now you don’t have to touch the can to unscrew it.

    Griffin Armament claim that the GP-N has new baffle technology and at the ear it measures 135 dB and just 133 dB at the muzzle. The GP-N weights just 17.2 oz and is 6.4″ in length. It will retail for just $595 MSRP. No it will not be chrome. They will coat it like all the rest of their cans, they just wanted a little bling for SHOT Show 2020. Go to their website for more info.

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