[SHOT 2020] SiOnyx’ Augmented Reality Aurora Pro

    If you recall, I reviewed the SiOnyx Aurora last year. Then last Summer, SiOnyx released their Aurora Sport, a simpler version of the Aurora for a lower introductory price of $399. Well at SHOT Show 2020, We got to see the Augmented Reality SiOnyx Aurora Pro.

    Augmented Reality Aurora Pro

    What is augmented reality? It is simply like a heads up display in your field of view. The regular Aurora and Aurora Pro have onboard GPS while the Aurora sport does not. SiOnyx is working on a firmware update for their Aurora and Aurora Pro cameras. When completed you will have the ability to augment your reality.

    Dan Cui of SiOnyx showed me a snap shot of the augmented reality Aurora Pro. It is the featured image at the top of this article. Notice the blue and yellow icons? You can now tag team members and way points, sort of like Call Of Duty.

    The best part? You do not need the Aurora or Aurora Sport to be part of the augmented reality Aurora Pro. As long as someone on your team has the Aurora Pro, they will be able to see where you are. If you have communications then coordinating missions will be much easier.

    How does this work? It is part of the SiOnyx app. As long as Aurora users have the app they can take advantage of the augmented reality. Aurora sport users will not be able to see the way points in their field of view but their team mates will be able to. Once setup you just look through the Aurora and your tagged team mates as well as way points will pop up as long as you are looking in their general direction.

    All New Aurora Pro

    From the exterior the new Aurora Pro looks just like the original Aurora. However the Aurora Pro now has double the sensor power. The Gamma is a little bit lower so the image will seem dimmer than the regular Aurora but now the Aurora Pro will have a cleaner image at lower ambient light. Resolution is still the same 720p but will retail for $799 while the regular Aurora will retail for $599. The Aurora Pro remote distance has improved. Now you can be 100 meters from the Aurora Pro while live viewing through the app.

    I forsee the augmented reality Aurora Pro will be extremely popular for airsoft users. Having on screen augmented reality is something that is not available for civilian night vision users. While there are some examples lie the PVS-21 and Elbit has a goggle that can view full-color access to UAV feeds, GPS information and target locations. But the price is astronomical. Hopefully we will get a SiOnyx Aurora Pro in for review so we can see if it really is that much better than the previous Aurora cameras.

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