[Shot 2020] SB Tactical’s New AK Pistol Brace and Metal FS1913 Brace

    SB Tactical has announced a few new products to the general market at Shot Show this week. There were a few new options from them with a new side-folding triangle brace for the AK and an aluminum-bodied FS1913 Brace. Let’s take a look at both options and see what’s new about them.

    FS1913 Brace Upgraded

    One of the biggest complaints about the original FS1913 brace from SB Tactical was the polymer body that attached the metal bracket to the rubber brace. Under normal use with a 556 or similar smaller rifle caliber, the brace was fine. The problem started coming in when people started using their side folding brace for larger calibers like 308 and 12 gauge.

    The polymer body would flex under recoil and affect the shooter’s accuracy. As a result, SB Tactical ended up making a new side folding brace with the body made out of aluminum instead of polymer for structural rigidity for larger calibers. When I asked about pricing and availability, said it will be out likely later this year so keep an eye out for the metal FS 1913 in the near future.

    AK Triangle Brace

    With all the popularity of AK pistols and 9mm AKs, SB Tactical has announced they will be selling their AK triangle brace as an attachment this year as well. The SB Tactical reps explained to me that the Triangle brace still has minor tweaks in store but it will be available in a few different variations later this year. Right now it is being sold on the PSA AK-V, but will be sold as a stand-alone unit for AK pistol owners.

    The overall brace felt extremely rigid and was pleasant to use both folded and extended out. There will be different mounting systems depending on what style your AK has which helps the AK pistol community have a brace now.  Let me know what you guys think about the AK triangle brace in the comments below. Stay tuned for more coverage of Shot Show in the coming days.

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