[SHOT 2020] NEW Surefire Lights and 50 Cal Silencers for 2020

Brannon LeBouef
by Brannon LeBouef

Brannon LeBouef of NOLATAC, sat down with #surefire for TFBTV to discuss their new offerings for 2020. Surefire is a leader in illumination devices, and they did not disappoint this year.

They started off with single and dual fuel versions of their Scout Pro that has a swinging lever mount that allows for really getting the light mounted in tight to the rail and around other attachments to keep the gun as streamlined as possible.

They also showed the new mini handgun lights, the XR1 and XR2. The XR2 adds a green laser to a 600 lumen white light while the XR1 is a 600 lumen white light only. These are very small lights designed for concealed carry that do not protrude much, if at all, beyond the dimensions of the guns they are attached to. The best part of these are a removable and hot swappable rechargeable battery that gives about a 1-hour continuous run time. The swappable batteries allow for continuous training in low light classes and other situations where the convenience of removing as dead or low battery and swapping for a full one comes in handy.

The XVL2 is pretty much the epitome of the ultimate light for all low-light types of situations which includes white light, visible laser, IR laser, and IR flood light. An extremely versatile light for professional or serious use, the XVL2 brings the handgun online with the rifle in capability to fight in the dark.

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Brannon LeBouef
Brannon LeBouef

Brannon LeBouef is an 11-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps, a law enforcement officer since 1996, owner of the St Bernard Indoor Shooting Center, NOLATAC Training Center, NOLATAC Training and Consulting, and the NOLATAC Veterans Training Program. Brannon has trained people from all backgrounds across the world and also worked as a private security contractor overseas. Brannon's core skill set is instructing and business development within the firearms industry.

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  • Gary Kirk Gary Kirk on Jan 24, 2020

    Ah, Surefire.. The Apple of the shooting world.. All accessories sold separately.. They make great stuff, but DAMN that mark up

  • Squirreltakular Squirreltakular on Jan 26, 2020

    No word on candela probably means it isn't worth mentioning. C'mon, Surefire...