[SHOT Show 2020] Get Up Close! NEW Norma Range & Training Frangibles


    Norma has introduced an entirely new line of ammunition that is perfect for an assortment of cartridges in close-up training drills. They debuted their Range & Training Frangibles at SHOT Show this year during the “Industry Day at the Range” so as many people could shoot them on steel as possible, and experience these frangibles for themselves.

    The “secret sauce” to Norma’s Range & Training Frangibles is their powdered copper and polymer blend projectile. This not only ensures a supremely consistent profile to their frangible’s projectile, but it also means they essentially disintegrate upon impact; no dangerous metal shrapnel or shards can return towards the shooter. Some of the other features for the Range & Training Frangibles are as follows:

    • Lead-free, fully frangible projectile
    • Consistent, accurate and affordable
    • Ideal for indoor training
    • Can safely shoot steel targets from a few feet away

    With these being lead-free, it makes them perfect for use at both indoor and outdoor ranges. Not only is it more environmentally-friendly for some areas and municipalities that may regulate lead ammunition, but it is also a cleaner shooting experience for anyone handling and shooting the ammunition. Currently, Norma is offering their Range & Training Frangibles in 6 different handgun cartridges with a Round Nose Frangible (RN FR) tip:

    • .380 Auto 65 Grain RN FR | 1,120 FPS
    • 9mm 65 Grain RN FR | 1,650 FPS
    • 9mm+P 65 Grain RN FR | 1,680 FPS
    • .38 SPL 100 Grain RN FR | 1,144 FPS
    • .40 S&W 122 Grain RN FR | 1,275 FPS
    • .45 Auto 147 Grain RN FR | 1,180 FPS


    Norma is also offering their Range & Training ammunition in 4 common rifle cartridges as well. At the moment, there is no MSRP pricing stated for the handgun or rifle offerings, but that surely will come soon enough. The rifle ammunition uses a Soft Point Frangible (SP FR), and those options can be read below as presented by Norma:

    • .223 Rem 51 Grain SP FR | 3,250 FPS
    • .300 AAC BLK 133 Grain SP FR | TBD FPS
    • 7.62x39mm 90 Grain SP FR | 2,800 FPS
    • .308 Win 133 Grain SP FR | 2,700 FPS

    One of the worst experiences you can have at the range while training or competing is getting a large metal fragment to come back at you and cause an injury, or an errant metal shard damaging sensitive indoor range equipment. The Norma Range & Training Frangibles offer a safer alternative while shooting in close-quarters, especially on steel.

    Norma has stated that once all of their offerings become readily available you will be able to purchase them in bulk for high-volume shooters. The only thing that remains is what are your thoughts on this powdered copper and polymer blend frangible? Let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.


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