[SHOT 2020] XS Sights New Lineup

    XS Sights

    [SHOT 2020] XS Sights New Lineup

    XS Sights has been providing affordable aftermarket sights for both pistol and rifle products for years.  2020’s SHOT Show was no exception to this.  XS sights arrived on the scene with two new big dot options for DXT series of handgun sights and XTI offset AR15/AKM sights.

    XS DXT2 Handgun Sights

    XS Sights

    DXT2 Big Dot Optic Yellow

    The newest addition to the tritium powered DXT line is the new DXT2 Night sights.  These come in either yellow or orange to provide more options to the end-user.

    XS Sights

    DXT2 Big Dot Optic Yellow

    The DXT2 series features a low-profile V Drive design that focuses on simplicity for smaller guns that are more commonly used for concealed carry  This vertical sight picture is more focused on rapidly acquiring targets, as opposed to more precision-oriented three-dot designs.

    DXT2 Product Specs
    • Sight body CNC machined from steel
    • Tritium equipped front and rear sight
    • Glow Dot front sight
    • Industry leading 0.188″ wide front sight
    • Simple Dot-the-“i” sight alignment system
    • 10 Year Warranty – No Questions Asked Night Sight Warranty
    • File-to-fit installation – No Sight Pusher Tool
    DXT2 Big Dot Night Sights are available for the following models:

    CZ P-07 & P-09
    CZ P-10
    Glock 17, 19, 22-24, 26, 27, 31-36, 38
    Glock 20, 21, 29, 30, 30S, 37, 40, & 41
    Glock 42, 43, 43x, 48
    Sig P225, P226, P228, P229, P320
    Springfield Armory XD, XDM, & XDS
    FN 509
    S&W M&P Full Size & Compact
    S&W M&P Shield
    S&W M&P 380 Shield EZ

    XS XTI2

    XS Sights

    Image Credit: XS Sights
    XTI Gen 1 vs XTI Gen 2

    In addition to the new handgun sights, XS showcased it’s newest set of open 45 degree offset rifle sights.  The Express Threat Intridiction or XTI series now features a Gen 2 option.  This is a taller version is a more offset version of the original XTI Gen 1.

    XS Sights

    XTI Gen 1 vs Gen 2

    The taller design allows you to maintain a proper cheek weld on the rifle when transitioning to the 45-degree sight picture.  Both the new XTI 2 and DXT 2 sights are machined from steel and are backed by XS sights warranty.

    The DXT 2 sights are now available, with the XTI 2 sights coming soon.  Thank you to XS Sights for walking me through their new products.

    Austin R

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