[SHOT 2020] Streamlight Rail Mounted Light – TLR RM1/RM2

    Streamlight’s latest TLR7 lights have become a huge hit. Well they are taking that light format and are making a rail mounted version with features a shooter wants.

    Streamlight TLR RM1

    The first thing you will notice about the RM1 is the back end of the light. Rather than the dual rocker switches, the RM1 has a ramped switch. This reminds me of the Inforce WML design and it is very ergonomic. There is a slight difference with the RM1 though, it can take a remote tape switch.



    The tape switch port is positioned below the ramped switch. Because of this the ramped switch sits a little higher than I would like but it is a small compromise for the tape switch function. 

    The RM1 is a single cell light that is powered by a CR123 and cranks out 500 lumens with a 1.5 hour run time. The TLR RM1 and RM2 both feature a selectable strobe mode.

    The TLR RM2 is 1,000 lumens and claims 10k candela. Twice that of the TLR RM1. It uses 2x CR123 batteries for the same runtime of 1.5 hours.


    The TLR RM1 and TLR RM2 are sold either as stand alone lights or for an additional $45 you can get them with the tape switch.

    Streamlight is also going to be releasing a dual lead tapeswitch so you can control your light and aiming laser.

    The Streamlight TLR RM plug is black while the Insight style plug is gray. They look similar but they are not compatible with each other. The black plug will only work with the TLR weapon lights and the gray plug will work for ATPIAL, DBAL or any other aiming device that uses Insight style plugs. One nice thing you will notice is that these plugs are 90° plugs which helps with cable management as well as rail space.

    TLR-1 using the new tape switch style


    Streamlight is expanding their TLR-7 style line with the TLR9. It looks like the TLR RM2 but with dual switches for pistol activation.

    The TLR-9 uses a power LED to provide 1,000 lumens and 10,000 candela over a 200-meter beam distance with a run time of 1.5 hours; the light’s strobe mode offers 3 continuous hours of run time. The light is energized by two 3 Volt CR123A lithium batteries.

    Securely fitting to a broad range of weapons, the TLR-9 features a one-handed, snap on and tighten interface that keeps hands away from gun muzzles when attaching or detaching it. The light also includes a Safe Off feature, locking it to prevent accidental activation. A key kit is included to securely fit the light to a broad array of handguns.

    Constructed with durable 6000 Series machined aircraft aluminum with a black anodized finish, the TLR-9 weighs 4.26 ounces and measures 3.87 inches in length.

    The TLR-9 is packaged as the TLR-9 FLEX that comes with a High switch mounted on the light, plus an included Low switch. It has an MSRP of $240.00, and comes with Streamlight’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.


    Streamlight has also released a new TL-Racker for the Mossberg 590 Shockwave. For those who are not familiar with the Shockwave’s differences, the handguard/pump grip is different from the full size 590/500. You can make a normal 590 handguard work but it involves removing material in the handguard. I did this modification to fit a Magpul grip onto my Shockwave.

    Streamlight has updated all of their TL-Rackers to have 1,000 lumens and they retail for $225.

    For more information check out their website, Streamlight.com.

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