[SHOT 2020] New Rifles and Optics From Brownells

    Brownells BRN 180 rifle

    Brownells debuted a few new products at SHOT Show 2020. Their new 4x Carry Handle Optic, BRN-180 lower receivers, and What Would Stoner Do rifles.

    New Rifles and Optics From Brownells

    4x Carry Handle Optic

    Brownells 4x Carry Handle Optic

    The Brownells Retro 4x Carry Handle Optic is a close replica to the original Colt 4x scope used on early AR-15 rifles. In fact, the optic is actually built by the same Japanese maker of the original. The optic clamps directly to the carry handle via an integral mounting clamp. The optic has a duplex reticle and is calibrated for modern 223 and 5.56 ammo trajectories. As the name suggest, the optic has a fixed 4x magnification. It has a 21mm objective lens with elevation adjustments marked in 100 yard increments. The 4X Carry Handle Optic has a retail price of $299.99 and is available now.

    BRN-180 Lower Receivers

    Image via Brownells.com

    Also new are the BRN-180 lower receivers. The two new lowers available from Brownells allow you to build firearms that are optimized for use with folding stocks or braces, they both include integral Picatinny rail attachment points on the rears. The lowers use standard AR mags and components. The forged lower retails for $129 while the billet version goes for $149.99. The billet version is available now. The forged lowers are expected to be available in February 2020.

    What Would Stoner Do 2020

    WWSB AR-15

    WWSB AR-15 available at Brownell’s

    Also new is the “What Would Stoner Do” 2020 rifle. Brownells collaborated with both InRange TV and KE Arms to bring the rifle to market. Back in 2017 InRange TV released a series of videos on their WWSD project, many of the parts used in that build were actually parts available at Brownells. So it made sense for them to team up and offer the WWSD to consumers. The WWSD 2020 rifle is built around a KE Arms Mk3 lower. It’s a one piece polymer lower with an improved mag well that’s been optimized for use with Magpul P-Mags and D-60 drum mags.

    The Mk3 Lower also has an improved pistol grip angle and texture. The stock on the lower has QD socket points for a sling as well as a storage compartment that can be used for a cleaning kit, batteries, etc. The WWSD 2020 will also include a SLT-1 Sear Link Technology Trigger, Ambi selector, charging handle and mag release. Also included is a JP Silent Capture Spring System, carbon fiber handguard, and a 14.5″ lightweight barrel with a permanent flash hider.

    The complete rifle will retail for $1699.99 and is available for pre-sale. The Mk3 lower will also be available separately either stripped or with Mil-Spec internals.

    For more info please visit www.brownells.com.

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