[SHOT Show 2020] New PDWs! Maxim Defense MDX 508 & MDX 510

    maxim defense mdx

    Maxim Defense has broken into the firearms industry in a smashing fashion in recent years with their impressive collapsible braces as well as their PDX weapon system (as seen above). At SHOT Show 2020 they once again brought us something new with their Maxim Defense MDX series! This is a series of ultra-compact, PDW-style firearms, but with slightly longer barrels and collapsible braces or stocks (depending on if it is an SBR or AR pistol configuration).

    The two new models that Maxim Defense has on display at SHOT Show are their MDX 508 and MDX 510. The numerical reasoning behind each name is derived from each firearm’s barrel length and the length its stock/brace can achieve when fully extended. To better explain, these are the specs for each new model from Maxim Defense:

    • MDX 508: 8.5″ Barrel | SCW Stock or Brace at Full Extension – 8.75″
    • MDX 510: 10.3″ Barrel | Gen 7 CQB Stock or Gen 6 CQB Brace at Full Extension – 10″

    So a simple explanation would be to say that their names come their barrel length, but it is a combination of that and their length at full extension as well. The Maxim Defense MDX series is essentially an extension of their original PDX firearm and carries over a lot of the same features and benefits. The specifications for the MDX firearms can be read below as presented by Maxim Defense:

    • SCW Stock/Brace (MDX 508) | Gen 7 CQB Stock or Gen 6 CQB Brace (MDX 510)
    • Radian Raptor Charging Handle
    • Ambidextrous QD Sling Mounts
    • Armorer Level Adjustable Gas Block
    • Ambidextrous Rear QD Sling Mount

    maxim defense mdx

    • Radian Talon Ambidextrous Selector
    • BCM Gunfighter Grip
    • ALG Defense Combat Trigger
    • Maxim Defense 7075 Billet Receiver Set
    • M-RAX & M-SLOT Compatible Handguard
    • HATEBRAKE Muzzle Booster

    The MDX 508 and MDX 510 are set to be released on March 15th, 2020 according to Maxim Defense’s website currently. Hopefully they will ship soon thereafter. The MSRP for both models is set at $2,495 regardless of the cartridge they are chambered in, the barrel length, or whether it is a pistol or SBR version. All of the options you have to choose from can be read below as presented by Maxim Defense:

    • Calibers: 7.62×39 | 5.56 NATO | 300 BLK
    • Barrel Lengths: 8.5″ | 10.3”
    • Configurations: SCW Pistol | SCW SBR | CQB Pistol | CQB SBR

    So there you have it! Maxim Defense is at it again bringing us some of the hottest and slickest looking PDW weapons in the firearms industry. Between the MDX 508 and 510, which one would you like to have? The longer barrel? The original PDX maybe? Or the 8.5″ barrel? Let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

    maxim defense mdx

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