[SHOT 2020] CZ USA Unveils New Bren 2 MS Carbine and Shotguns

    On Tuesday the 21st, CZ unveiled a number of new models coming to market in 2020. There are a few new options that will offer a number of different models and variations to existing production lines. Lets take a look at what CZ will be offering new in 2020.

    Bren 2 MS Carbine

    Probably the biggest release from CZ is the Bren 2 MS Carbine. The Bren 2 MS Carbine is a full size variant of their Bren 2 pistols which came out earlier last year. CZ’s new Bren 2 MS Carbine is chambered in 5.56 for now with a 16.5 inch heavier profile barrel. The muzzle brake which comes standard on the Bren 2 MS Carbine is very similar to the muzzle brake that came on the original 805 Bren when that was released. It is a two chamber brake that worked very effectively on the 805 Bren, so I’m curious how the new Bren 2 MS Carbine will shoot at the range.

    The lower receiver of the new Bren 2 MS Carbine is a carbon fiber reinforced polymer lower with a foldable and adjustable stock on it. CZ has hinted there will be more calibers and a 308 big brother Bren 2 down the road, but for right now the 5.56 variant will be available.

    The CZ All-Terrain Shotgun Line

    CZ also introduced their All-Terrain shotgun series with an olive drab cerakoted finish. This helps seal the guns metal in from the elements to protect from corrosion. All Shotguns come with Walnut stocks as well.  One of the more interesting facts about the break open versions of this series is they all have a magnetic extractor or ejector in them. The magnets will hold the brass washed steel base in place while you’re loading the shotgun up. It proves pretty useful because you can load the shotgun while the barrels are tipped up in a field or duck blind. It adds another layer of safety to the firearm and was designed for hunters in mind.

    CZ 457 Varmit Precision Chassis 22 LR and SAO Shadow 2 SA

    The CZ 457 is a bolt action gun that sits in a Precision chassis CZ designed for the rifle. There were a few changes from the 455 and adding a push to fire safety and less bolt rotation. The aluminum chassis has M-LOK slots to add accessories along with an AR grip and an adjustable stock.

    The Shadow 2 SA is a new single action only model, which gives a much better trigger pull. CZ’s new Shadow 2 SA wont be production class legal but will be legal in limited class. CZ has been known to take a number of their high end Shadow 2’s and change features to accommodate the various needs of their customers. Let me know what you think of CZ’s offerings in the comments below and stay tuned for more coverage of the 2020 Shot Show releases.

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