[SHOT 2020] Industry Range Day – EOTech Vudu Model 1-8×24 SFP

    At SHOT Range Day today, EOTech debuted its newest addition to the Vudu line, a 1-8×24 variable power scope with a second focal plane. The 1-8×24 has a wire reticle, and a fiber optic to add the daylight visible illuminated Triplex BDC reticle. The primary market for the 1-8×24 will be the 3-gun competition market. That said, it is practical for hunting or target shooting. EOTech’s booth representative informed me that while designing this optic, they had taken a lot of direction from their 3-gun customers.

    EOTech Vudu Model 1-8×24 SFP

    By utilizing the second focal plane, EOTech was able to make the reticle illuminated during the day. I can confirm that even during today’s somewhat overcast conditions, the reticle was easily visible and fully illuminated.

    Aside from the reticle, though, EOTech clearly put a lot of thought into ease of use by the operator. Adjusting the zoom is as easy as rotating the rear third of the scope. Additionally, there is an optional throw lever that can be screwed in for ease of use. While shooting with the optic, the throw lever made it incredibly easy to change the zoom level.

    The turrets are protected by screw-on caps, which makes it easy to zero your scope, and then not have to worry about bumping any of the turrets while running an active competition.

    The Vudu Model 1-8×24 SFP will retail for $1,399.00, and is coming “early 2020”.

    EOTech’s Full Product Description:

    COMING EARLY 2020. Boost your speed advantage up close add next-level surgical precision at distance. The new 1-8×24 Second Focal Plane rifle scope will deliver magnification governed by a throw lever and featuring a daylight-visible illuminated Triplex BDC reticle. Bright, ultra-clear HD glass with fully milti-coated lenses optimize target acquisition, all locked in a virtually indestructible single-piece T6 aircraft-aluminium tube. Controlled by smooth, exacting, low-profile turrets. So you can dial in your finest performance at any range.

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