New Scope Mount from PGM Precision France

    The French company PGM Precision in the French Alps was created back in 1993. In 1995 they won the tender for the .50 BMG / 12.7 mm caliber Hecate II rifles for the French army, which has been used by all infantry regiments and the French Special Forces. Since then they have created rifles like the Mini Hecate I and IIPGM338 and the LUDIS for sports shooters.

    Made In France – PGM338

    They are the last French manufacturer of Sniper Rifles, but they also make other products and accessories.

    For instance, a recent success is PGM’s own bipod which will keep the new French DMR / Sniper Rifle FN SCAR-H PR steady.

    Their latest product is made to keep rifle scopes where they are supposed to be. It’s a scope mount for 34 mm scopes with an integrated and clearly visible bubble level.

    Here is the description from the manufacturer:


    The new Ø34 mm scopering with integrated bubble level “by PGM Précision” have landed !

    Always be on level and improve your accuracy at long range!

    Available as a complete assembly or as a high half-ring for retrofitting an existing set-up.


    Always be level and improve your long range accuracy with our scope ring with integrated spirit level.

    In combination with the PGM scope base for picatinny rail, flat or inclined at 30 MOA, it is compatible with any scope with a body of Ø34 mm, thanks to the unique modularity of the PGM Precision scopemount.

    Available as a complete assembly or as a high half-ring for retrofitting an existing set-up.

    Made In France

    High manufacturing quality:

    • Made of aeronautical alloy
    • Our mounts can withstand up to 50 caliber
    • Do not damage the body of the riflescope
    • No honing of the rings necessary
    • Designed and manufactured by PGM Précision. Made in France

    Mounting and levelling on the ring is easy with the help of a 2nd spirit level. Tightening of the screws must be done in accordance with the scope specifications using a torque screwdriver and a 3 mm hexagonal bit.

    Below you can find more pictures from various angles.


    With Schmidt & Bender rifle scope.


    Pricing is as follows:

    • 0 MOA : 260 € ex works
    • 30 MOA : 280 €  ex works

    For more information check here:

    What do you think of the design? Let us know below.

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