POTD: B&T APC9 Pro with Aimpoint ACRO

    Today’s Photo Of The Day is very Swiss: Swiss firearm and Swiss photographer.

    The best part of this photo is that I’ve got a very similar setup myself, and I highly recommend the Magpul K2+ grip as well. If you have the B&T Pro lower you can change the pistol grip, on the original version the grip is B&T’s own and fixed.

    Is this the coolest tool on the block right now? I mean, look at it.

    That collapsible stock is so nice and the form factor of the gun. Just awesome. And the Aimpoint AB ACRO looks like it’s made for the APC9, a perfect match.

    Also, when I first saw this brand new B&T APC9 PRO K I knew it would pair fantastically with a Magpul Industries Corp. “K” series grip which is steeply angled and specifically designed for PDW platforms.

    This is the K2+, the plus standing for the rubberised version, which gives the whole setup an even more “high quality” feel when you hold it in your hands. Truly awesome.


    From SveenysArmory Instagram:


    Picture and caption by SveenysArmory, used with permission.