Lucid Optics Unveils New Version Of Their M7 Micro Red Dot Sight

    Lucid Optics announced a revised version of their M7 Micro Red Dot sight, which will replace its predecessor on Lucid’s red dot lineup.  They’ve made a few major changes to the M7 Micro Red Dot sight, to include a modular mounting system and a different battery to power the M7.  The previous version had been powered by a single AAA battery, while the newer version utilizes a CR2032 battery.  Something completely missing from the new version of the M7 is an automatic brightness setting for the reticle.  Lucid Optics’ full press release can be seen below:

    (Wyoming) – LUCID Optics, manufacturer of the best overall quality, value-oriented line of optics on the market, is proud to offer the new M7 Micro Red Dot sight. On Target – Under Budget.

    The M7 offers a crystal clear easy to use sighting solution for the AR and AK platforms. It provides a light weight, tough and handsome addition to any rifle.  The M7 has the new and highly effective M5 reticle which allows a proven 25% faster target acquisition over a standard dot.

    In true LUCID Optics Fashion, the M7 is over built, waterproof and ready for action. The optic has 11 brightness settings to provide clarity in most any operational setting and it’s backed by the LUCID Optics lifetime warranty, making this optic nearly worry free.

    Lucid Optics M7 red dot sight

    Lucid’s noted features of the new edition of the M7 Micro Red Dot sight are listed below:

    –  Waterproof

    –  11 Brightness Levels

    –  1000 hours battery life

    –  Modular mounting system

    Offered at an MSRP of $309, this optic is truly “under budget.”

    Lucid Optics M7 Micro Red Dot sight

    You can check out the M7’s specifications webpage HERE, or Lucid Optics’ website HERE.  You can also follow them on their social media accounts via Instagram and Facebook.  More information about the M5 reticle that was mentioned in the press release can be found on Lucid’s 2020 catalog HERE.

    What do you think about the changes Lucid Optics made to the M7 Micro Red Dot sight?  Is this updated version something you’d be interested in?

    Doug E

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