POTD: France’s New Sniper Rifle

    France's new semi-automatic precision rifle (twitter/Florence Parly)

    Florence Parly, France’s Ministre des Armées / Minister for the Armed Forces has shared a photo of France’s newly adopted sniper rifle via twitter. The new rifle is a 7.62x51mm SCAR-H PR and in French service will be known as the Fusil de précision semi-automatique (FPSA) is seen with a PGM bipod and a Schmidt & Bender 1-8x optic.

    The tweet (machine translated) reads:

    Our snipers will soon have a new sniper rifle: we have just ordered 2620 which will arrive in the forces from 2020. Day and night, these rifles allow shooting up to a distance of 800 meters.

    Today, the French Army have also shared a video introducing the new FPSA with a run down of its features and some footage from the range:

    For more information on the French Army’s newest precision rifle (although perhaps filling more of a Designated Marksman Role) you should check out Eric’s excellent in-depth write up, for full details on the new rifle and its set up.