Concealed Carry Corner: Is An EDC Knife A Secondary Weapon?

    When looking at concealed carrying, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest in terms of guns, gear, and everything in between. Knives can be an extremely valuable tool either in self-defense or everyday life but get overlooked oftentimes. There are a number of different styles of knives and configuration depending on your daily needs. It’s important to look at your overall goals for an EDC knife and then try to find one that matches your specific lifestyle. Before purchasing a specific type of knife, just remember to check your state and local laws. Let’s dive into the various types of knives to carry while concealed carrying.

    Utility Knives

    The majority of people who carry a knife now consider it to be their utility knife. There’s nothing wrong with that and the majority of times it will be used for daily tasks. Having a blade to cut open cardboard boxes and the daily mail is extremely useful. Not many people look at something like a small or medium-sized utility knife as a viable option for self-defense. As a wise man once said, “it’s not how big it is, it’s how you use it.” That ridiculous quote does apply to blade size when it comes to having another self-defense tool to help you out of certain situations.

    In the Detroit area recently, there was someone who was pinned on the ground and unable to draw his weapon. He ended up pulling his pocket knife and stabbed the attacker to get enough distance to pull his weapon. Certain situations like this are great examples of why it’s not a bad idea to carry something simple like a pocket knife. A secondary tool that acts as a backup to your concealed handgun doesn’t have to be something extremely tactical to be effective.

    Most people fall into this grab of purchasing super high-end knives to accomplish a task but it’s honestly not necessary. Something like a cheap Kershaw will do the trick just as good in most cases as a higher-end Microtech. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of advantages to having a purpose-built knife for self-defense but it’s not something that an average concealed carrier needs to have.

    Fixed Blades and Spring Assisted Knives

    Having a utility knife is a great back up option for someone in a tough spot. Having a dedicated fighting knife on your person gives the user a definite advantage. Something like an Out The Front blade or Karambit blade is a great option to conceal carry. Just keep in mind, not every state allows these knives for concealed carry in public. Between the two types of knives, my favorite by far is the spring assisted knives. I enjoy auto knives for their ease of use and concealing them. Fixed blades are a great option for self-defense but to me, they are a bit heavy and rather bulky on the beltline.

    Typically, a spring assisted knife can be opened with a single hand under stress fairly easy without much practice. They tend to be smaller than most folders and offer a lot of benefits without becoming bulky throughout the day. I think having the ability to open your knife one-handed is really beneficial in case you’re ever injured or occupied and only have one hand.

    I would say the biggest thing when buying an auto knife is to buy a quality knife. I wouldn’t try to find a cheap auto knife to save a few bucks. There have been stories of people buying cheap auto knives only to have them activate into the user’s leg. If I had to pick a downside to auto knives. the price to buy a quality auto knife is usually ridiculous to put it lightly. If you can get over the initial purchase pains, having an auto knife is really a nice upgrade over traditional knives.

    Overall Thoughts

    When looking at your concealed carry loadout and various options, It’s never a bad option to consider a dual purpose knife for daily use. Knives can be taken into places where your concealed pistol license may not be valid. So you’ll at least have some way of defending yourself. Having a designated self-defense knife is really nice but isn’t necessary to work effectively. Having a pocket knife to carry every day is super convenient at certain points throughout the day. I would just emphasize knives can also be an extremely valuable self-defense tool. It really becomes important if there’s ever a time where you are in danger but can’t access your firearm.

    I’ve met people who carry two knives for self-defense and everyday carry. Now, if you want to be that tacticool, that’s your decision but it’s unnecessary in my mind. Get yourself a quality knife and if you maintain the blade, the knife will take good care of you. I’d love to hear what kind of knife you guys carry or personal preferences in the comments below. If you have any questions feel free to contact me on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there!

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