Pitchfork Systems Release B&T Switzerland Dedicated Gun Mats

    Pitchfork Systems from Austria have just released new, fully authorized B&T Switzerland gun mats.

    I use a standard green gun mat from Brownells, but I fully understand that branded gun mats have a place among connoisseurs.

    If you’re new to the firearm the schematics can be of great help once you start to disassemble or need to fit the puzzle back together again. For sure it helped me to have one when I was new to the Glock 17.

    My understanding is that they ship within Europe and that they are looking for dealers in the USA (and in other places).

    For the B&T APC9, there are two versions, one small and one large.

    In metric that means either 43cm long by 28cm (17″x11″) or 90 cm long by 45cm (about 35 x 18 inches).

    The price for the small one is €30 (approx. $34) and €40 (approx. $45) for the large.

    Below: Just make sure you keep the firearm and all magazines empty of ammunition!


    For the B&T APC223, there is only a large version, which makes sense due to the size of the rifle.

    High-quality premium table mat for weapon maintenance or simply as a surface protector at the office etc.

    The extremely spacious, almost 90cm long and 45cm high mat has all-round sewn edges. With a thickness of 3mm it provides the necessary protection of surfaces while not being too bulky to make working on it pleasant. The detailed and faithful exploded views show all components of the displayed weapon.

    Below you can see and follow their Instagram.

    The B&T logo is used with the kind permission of B&T Thun AG Switzerland.

    You can find Pitchfork Systems online here: https://www.pitchforksystems.com/

    Eric B

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