POTD: M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank at Iron Spear

    POTD is TFB’s Photo Of The Day.

    This is TFB’s first POTD in 2020, and therefore our first daily photo of this decade.

    We start with a look-back at Battle Group Latvia‘s Iron Spear – World’s Largest Tank Concentration and Shooting Competition.

    Today we have some amazing pictures to kick-off the 2020 and a New Decade of daily photographs.

    Abrams main battle tank, conducts live fire training at exercise Iron Spear in Latvia

    Below and above: The American M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank, looking like it’s got a flame thrower and not a cannon in the turret.

    For more information about the M1 Abrams please check here.

    Below: Norwegian and French soldiers together on exercise Iron Spear in Latvia.

    Below: Norwegian Army main battle tank, the Leopard 2A4, at exercise Iron Spear in Latvia.

    All pictures by Ole-Sverre Haugli / Forsvaret, The Norwegian Defense.