Federal SOLID CORE Handgun Ammo with Polymer-Coated Hard Cast Lead Bullets

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Federal SOLID CORE Handgun Ammo (1)

Lead used in bullets is different depending on the type of the projectile and the job you are expecting it to do. If you want it to deform and mushroom, you need softer alloy or pure lead and if you want the lead bullet to stay intact and penetrate as much as possible, you need what is called hard cast bullets that are made of hard lead alloy (normally with a high percentage of antimony). Why do you need the bullet to penetrate as much as possible? Well, one of the reasons is to defend yourself against large predators like bears that are really tough animals with a strong bone structure and that’s why you need some heavy and hard bullets to punch through that skull or ribcage and reach the vitals. And that is one of the applications the new Federal Solid Core handgun ammunition is designed for.

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Here is Federal Premium’s description of the Solid Core handgun ammunition line:

Take down anything from hogs to bears with Federal Premium® Solid Core. The all-new line of handgun loads hits game harder with a tough, flat-nose lead bullet that holds together while blowing through bone, providing high weight retention and deep penetration. Syntech® polymer jacket technology reduces the friction and leading that plague hard cast bullets.

Solid Core bullet and its cutaway.

The Federal Premium Solid Core ammunition will be available in the following caliber options and MSRPs (all prices are for boxes of 20 rounds).

  • 9mm Luger +P 147-grain Solid Core – $28.95
  • .357 Mag 180-grain Solid Core – $33.95
  • .40 S&W 200-grain Solid Core – $30.95
  • 10mm Auto 200-grain Solid Core – $33.95
  • 45 Auto +P 240-grain Solid Core – $33.95
  • 44 Rem Mag 300-grain Solid Core – $39.95
Federal SOLID CORE Handgun Ammo (1)

Whether it’s a hunting or fishing trip or just hiking in the woods, if you guys think you can find yourself in a bear country and may have to defend yourself, I’d highly recommend watching the below-embedded TFBTV videos dedicated to this subject to learn what handguns and ammunition work best for that role.

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