POTD: Sniper Training In the Dark

    Our theme for Today’s Photo Of The Day goes in Green, White and Black.

    The firearm above is possibly a SCAR-H, suppressed and equipped with Night Vision. Due to the limited visibility, it’s a bit difficult to make out what is going on, and with what, but it’s interesting to take a look at Night Vision images from time to time.

    We’re looking at students from the Level 2 Sniper Course at Fort Carson, Colorado, as they perform their final culminating exercise before graduation.

    The exercise has students performing long-range precision marksmanship under stress and against multiple targets and forces students to utilize all the skills they learned during the six-week course.

    Below: Note the helicopter in the background.

    POTD, short for Photo Of The Day, is TFB’s recurring articles where we try to find the best pictures out there.

    All photos taken by SFC Charles Crail.