Advanced Combat Rifle Coloring Book From The Armourer’s Bench

    Advance Combat Rifle Coloring book

    The Armourer’s Bench recently launched a coloring book designed around the Advanced Combat Rifle trials conducted by the United States Army in the 1980s. The coloring book is in a format that is both informative, as well as interactive should the reader wish to color each picture as they so desire. The Armourer’s Bench’s informative coloring book features the prototype entries from Colt, Steyr, AAI Corporation, and of course, H&K.

    In the video below, Matthew Moss from the Armourer’s Bench (and TFB) describes the new coloring book and gives a brief look into the 8 pages, of 8×6 inch illustrations and details.

    The Armourer’s Bench are proud to introduce our very first ‘informative colouring (coloring) book’. Not only can you colour in the prototypes from the US Army’s Advanced Combat Rifle trials but you can also learn about the guns, how they worked, performed and the outcome of the trial as you colour!

    Why a colouring book? Well, simply put, no one else has done one before! With the help of our brilliant illustrator, Lauren McInnerney, we put the book together to give you guys something a bit different, something fun!

    The book includes detailed original illustrations of each of the four ACR guns: the AAI, Colt, Steyr and of course the iconic HK G11. The 8-page booklets are 8×6″ (or A5 sized) and are available now from our website for $6.00, plus shipping.

    The Armourer’s Bench announced the coloring book in early December, but they are still available. You can order the coloring book HERE, or check out The Armourer’s Bench website HERE. If there’s enough interest, Matthew has a few other ideas for future Informative Colouring Books as well.

    What do you think of the Informative Colouring Book concept?  Do you plan to order one for yourself, or someone else that’s interested in the Advanced Combat Rifle program?

    Doug E

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