Dillon RL1100, is now officially AVAILABLE and SHIPPING

    Dillon RL1100

    The RL1100 is finally here. With all the hype, you’re probably wondering what sets the Dillon RL1100 apart from other offerings. First, the Dillon RL1100 can accommodate common cartridges, pistol, and rifle, from 32 ACP all the way up through 308 Winchester. With up to 2.75″ overall length of capacity, this rig can handle almost any common cartridge you can throw at it.

    Dillon RL1100

    Dillon RL1100 New Features

    The Dillon RL1100 reloader comes with several improved features that will make the reloading experience much smoother and hassle-free. The RL1100 is an electronically driven reloading press operating off a universal power supply that can accommodate both domestic and foreign voltages. So even our pals across the pond using 220 volts 50 or 60 Hz can enjoy the new RL1100 with a simple swap of plug type.

    The machine is tunable between 0 to 8 RPM meaning it can be dialed in for each case size you put through it to avoid case feed hiccups. The eccentric roller bearing ensures the maximum force is applied needed to cycle the machine while giving the user a smooth draw of the handle. The tool heads and their associated washers have been toughened up to increase the rigidity of the entire rig.

    The basic RL1100 includes:

    • Auto indexing shellplate
    • 1 set of dies
    • Built-in primer pocket swager
    • Automatic powder measure system
    • Automatic priming system
    • Electric case feeder
    • Low Primer Alarm

    You will also need (at minimum):

    Suggested Dillon RL1100 Accessories

    The Dillon RL1100 is for sale now on Dillon’s website for $1,999.99. Currently, due to a high volume of orders, there is a four to six week lead time for new units. While certainly expensive the RL1100 to me looks like a great universal reloading tool for those who want to increase their shooting volume and load variability.

    Let us know your thoughts and experience with Dillon’s reloading products down in the comments below.

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