New Henry Axe Chops Down Length of Their .410

Rusty S.
by Rusty S.
“The Henry Lever Action Axe .410 features a unique “axe handle” grip and an overall length of 26.4-inches, whichclassifies it as a non-NFA firearm. The MSRP is $970.” Image Credit: Henry USA

…And cuts through NFA nonsense as well

Henry has released a new firearm, both in the general and specific sense. The new Henry Axe is a smoothbore lever action chambered in .410, with a barrel length of “just under 16 inches” and an OAL of 26.5″. It is also equipped with a King’s gate (receiver side loading gate) and threaded for chokes. I do believe it is the first firearm from Henry to have a King’s gate in their blued “Steel” receiver. With a “axe handle” grip instead of a buttstock, this puts the “Axe” into the category of a “Firearm”.

Details of the Henry Lever Action Axe .410 include an engraving of Henry's logo on the bottom of the genuine Americanwalnut grip, a side loading gate, a brass bead front sight, and a threaded barrel for Invector chokes."Image Credit: Henry USA

Henry Axe press release:

The Lever Action Axe .410 Delivers Outsized Fun in a Compact Package

RICE LAKE, WI – December 19, 2019– Henry Repeating Arms, the leading lever action firearms manufacturer, introduced today a unique addition to their product line with the announcement of the Lever Action Axe .410, a non-NFA lever action firearm featuring a side loading gate and a signature “axe handle” grip. Now available at licensed firearms dealers nationwide, this new firearm is not regulated under the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ National Firearms Act and will not require a tax stamp to purchase.

Anthony Imperato, President and owner of Henry Repeating Arms explains, “Our Mare’s Leg lever action pistols have been a popular choice among shooting sports enthusiasts for many years now, mainly because they’re so fun to shoot and the fact that they look like they came right out of a Western movie.” Imperato continues, “The Axe shares a similar form factor to our Mare’s Leg with some added features for more versatility.”

The Lever Action Axe .410 stresses the importance of a unique firearm that’s fun to use in a recreational setting, but it’s feature set also lends it utility. With a barrel length of just under 16-inches and an overall length of just over 26-inches the Axe can be stored in far more places than an average long gun. This compact stature opens the possibilities of where the Axe can be stored and used. The magazine, which holds 5 rounds of 2 ½” .410 shells can be continuously topped off through the side loading gate without needing to remove a tube magazine until the firearm needs to be unloaded. The round blued steel barrel is topped with a polished brass bead front sight and threaded for invector style chokes. A removable full choke is included out of the box. The bottom of the genuine American walnut “axe handle” grip is engraved on the bottom with Henry Repeating Arms’ cowboy logo.

The new Lever Action Axe .410 (model H018AH-410) has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $970. For more information visit:

AXE Impressions

The new Henry Axe looks to be a great firearm to have in a saddle or pack scabbard for quickly getting out on target for small game such as grouse. The Axe would also be a good candidate for throwing inside of a backpack for longer outdoor journeys where one might want to supplement meals with wild game, or as a compact pest control tool to keep around the farm. It also looks to have the same fun factor as the “Mare’s Leg”, but it’s a lot easier to aim a front bead than line up a front and rear sight on a firearm of the same form factor.

The diminutive .410 should also prove no issue recoil-wise, no matter how one chooses to fire this firearm. Being a lever action, the axe has a very different look and aesthetic than, say, .410 firearms like the Charles Daly Honcho. From my previous positive experience with Henry’s .410 lever actions, ( here and here), I would say reliability and utility will be quite a bit better than 1887-style lever actions on the market. Keep tuned to TFB for more on the Henry Axe in the future.

"The Henry Lever Action Axe .410 features a unique "axe handle" grip and an overall length of 26.4-inches, whichclassifies it as a non-NFA firearm. The MSRP is $970." Image Credit: Henry USA
Rusty S.
Rusty S.

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