Brownells Exclusive “Classic” Vz. 58 Rifle by Czech Small Arms

    Czech Small Arms Brownells-Exclusive Classic Vz. 58 Rifle

    Czech Small Arms (CSA), a Czech company specialized in the manufacturing of new Vz. 58 and Vz. 61 rifles and pistols, made a special edition Classic Vz. 58 rifle that will be exclusively available through Brownells. The features that set apart this model from other CSA Vz. 58s are the semi-gloss gray finish of the metal parts and the beechwood stock, pistol grip and handguards. The finish and furniture are replicating the appearance of original early military Vz. 58 rifles.

    The Brownells video introducing these rifles can be found below. It explains some of the key features that are different in Vz. 58 rifles compared to the AK family of rifles. If you want to learn more about why Vz. 58 is not an AK, read one of TFB’s articles dedicated to this subject.

    The CSA Brownells exclusive “Classic” Vz. 58 rifle is chambered in 7.62x39mm. This is a gas-operated rifle with a short-stroke piston. It has a 16.15″ threaded barrel and an overall length of 34″. Although these rifles are built on milled receivers, they are quite lightweight – something that you immediately notice when picking up one of these guns the first time. The weight of this particular model is 6.72 lbs. CSA Vz.58 replicas also have a patented bolt carrier design improvement that solves the misfiring issue seen in some civilian Vz.58 rifles.

    CSA Brownells Exclusive “Classic” Vz. 58 rifle is listed on the Brownells website with a price tag of $1,449.99. The rifle comes with a sling and two 30-round magazines. As mentioned in the video, despite looking similar to AK magazines, the Vz. 58 magazines are not interchangeable with AK mags. Spare Vz. 58 aluminum magazines can be found for about $20. FAB Defense also makes polymer 30-round magazines for these rifles.

    Tell us in the comments section if the classic look of this rifle is more appealing to you compared to Vz. 58s with polymer furniture or tactical features.

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