POTD: Fire from Above

    Photo Of The Day – We go airborne with the U.S. Marines and the Marine Test and Evaluation Squadron One (VMX-1) as they conduct a live-fire training exercise with the AH-1Z Cobra and F-35B Lightning II.

    Unfortunately, I can’t spot any F-35 Lightnings in these pictures, so I suspect they moved too fast.

    Airborne over Yuma, Arizona.

    VMX-1 is an operational test squadron that tests multiple aircraft, allowing for the continuation of safety improvements, aircraft reliability, and overall lethality of Marine Corps aircraft.

    Iron sights all the way here.

    Aerial Door Gunner – The best job in the world?

    Below: Minigun and rockets

    Not a cloud in sight.

    All photos by U.S. Marine Corps, photo by Lance Cpl. John Hall.