GoatGuns Licensed Miniature Barrett Model 82A1


    Barrett and GoatGuns have entered into a licensing agreement which will see GoatGuns add a 1:3 scale Barrett Model 82A1 to product their line up. The miniatures can be picked up in assembled or unassembled packs.


    The new 82A1 from GoatGuns is available assembled or disassembled (GoatGuns)

    GoatGuns describe the new toy:

    All Metal parts on this Big & Bad miniature .50 cal sniper. This will be the conversation piece of any room you choose to display it in. The magazine stores 5 scale sized dummy rounds, item comes with 3 (can purchase additional). Dial the scope to your liking and get ready for the grasshoppers to invade! This is an officially Licensed Model 82A1.

    Murfreesboro, TN- Barrett announced that it has entered into a licensing agreement with Goat Guns to design, manufacture and market a Barrett branded collection of high-quality die-cast replicas of select firearms.

    GoatGuns LLC, creator of collectible miniature gun models, has developed a leading replica design replica of the Barrett Model 82A1. It is currently available online and will be showcased officially at the Shot Show in January 2020. The iconic .50cal Model 82A1, is made in 1/3 scale for a great collectible display item for any home or office.


    The 1:3 scale Barrett Model 82A1 GoatGun Toy is 100% die cast metal. It has several interchangeable parts for users to modify to their liking. Features include:
    13” in length
    Adjustable bipod
    Magazine that holds up to 5 dummy miniature .50cal rounds
    Sliding bolt carrier
    Adjustable scope
    Functional carry handle
    Famous muzzle break
    Available in Black, Digital Camouflage and Gold


    GoatGuns is now accepting purchase orders for the licensed Barrett Model 82A1. Product is available in pre-assembled display boxes or self-build model kits. MSRP $44.99. Contact [email protected]

    Well if you can’t afford a full-size Barrett, this miniature from GoatGuns might go some way towards filling that void. Of course, Christmas is coming up and what better gift for the kids this year than a mini .50 cal? Find out more on GoatGuns’ site, here.

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