Heckler & Koch SP5 dazzled up with some flowers

    It has been a while since we posted anything from Blown Deadline Cerakote, but they are back with full force with a Heckler & Koch SP5 dazzled up with some flowers.

    The pictures were posted on Heckler & Koch USA’s Facebook and the comments are hilarious, just as could be expected.

    If these pictures make you upset in any way, please close this page and take a look at the ones we posted of an original SP5 just the other week.

    Well, since @hecklerandkoch posted it I can finally post it. Wonder how many HK fans will hate me after this one.
    Heckler & Kock SP5 dazzled up with some flowers. Of course it needed a stock and silencerco Omega 9k.

    BDL Custom Finish 07 FFL/ SOT

    In case you wonder. Here is a close-up of the shim, which is now in all the pictures from BDL.

    It’s got a pretty interesting story to it. Here goes:

    A lot of people ask about the “washer” or shim in our photos. Here’s the story.
    A while back, a customer sent us a brake and a couple real small parts to be painted graphite black.

    Simple, quick job. He also sent some shims. After we were done and the customer was charged we shipped. Local but far enough away to not warrant him driving here to pick it up.

    Customer got his package and was excited. Black is black, easy enough but he loved it.
    A well later I got an email asking where his crush washers were. So, I replied asking what did he mean?

    He sent a photo of some shims. I was confused because crush washer yes, plural didn’t make sense. When I saw the shims I asked my wife and she said they went back with the brake and small parts.

    Customer then stated that his shims were lost and his gunsmith that was assembling his rifle told him that without them the rifle is useless.

    They were a special LEFT HANDED shim imported from the Czech Republic. This pretty much confused me. Shims are shims. Thickness is important yes, but left handed?

    I informed him that if they are lost I have 100’s of shims and I’ll ship him out an assortment.

    He began screaming at me over the phone because his shims were special and that he had to find someone in Europe to ship them to him here in the States.

    Again, his gunsmith said that they had to be left handed Czech shims.
    He didn’t want my American made RIGHT HANDED shims.

    A week later I got an email from Yelp about a review.

    The customer said:
    “Great service, it’s just too bad the owner stole my shims and sold them for drugs”. 🥴

    Kind of funny but WTF dude.

    So I engraved a shim from @deadairsilencers “LH MADE IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC”
    Stupid yes, but now it’s in every photo.


    If you feel the need to do something similar, please feel free to contact BDL here.

    Please make sure you read TFB’s article on the H&K SP5: “Ho Ho Ho: The New HK SP5 – Heckler & Koch USA Drops A Real MP5“.

    What do you think of the shims? Do you use Left Handed or Right Handed shims for your builds?

    What do you think of the Flower Power version SP5? What other crazy versions of the SP5 would you like to see?

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