POTD: 80 years since the Finnish Winter War

    Photo Of The Day – Today we have only one picture on the subject of defending your country and winter warfare.

    A modern soldier meets a collegue from 80 years back in time. (I guess he got a little help from Photoshop.)

    Early in the morning of November 30, in 1939, the Soviet Union attacked Finland.

    The artillery of The Red Army opened fire on the area of Karelia. A bit later Helsinki and fifteen other Finnish locations were covered with over 100,000 bombs.

    The Winter War had begun, pushing Stalin’s soldiers into Finnish territory and the Mannerheim defense line.

    The Red Army was superior in terms of numbers, armament and equipment. But the Finnish soldiers knew the location, had a more flexible line of command and were used to and better prepared for the winter climate.

    In March 1940 Finland had to sign a peace treaty. About 25 000 Finns were dead and many more wounded. On the Soviet side, the casualties were about 132 000, but other estimates range from 200 000 to 300 000.

    80 years have passed. It is time to remember.

    Photo Caption:

    Much has changed in 80 years, but not the skill and will to defend the homeland.

    The ability to defend Finland as a whole is still based on the skills of combatants trained through military service.

    Picture and caption: Finnish Army.

    For more information on the Winter War please check Wikipedia.