Steel-Cased .300 Blackout WOLF Ammo to Hit the US Market

    Barnaul Wolf Steel-Cased .300 Blackout (1)

    A couple of months ago, while reading the news from Arms & Hunting 2019 exhibition, I learned that the Barnaul Cartridge Plant has introduced steel-cased 300 Blackout ammunition. It was immediately clear to me that this ammunition can’t be aimed to the domestic market because .300 Blackout is not a thing in Russia. You literally can’t find in Russia guns chambered in .300 Blackout.

    Obviously, the largest market for this cartridge is the US commercial market and considering that Barnaul exports ammo to the US, it was not hard to guess that they most likely made it for the American market. I contacted the company to get a confirmation and thankfully, they responded and provided us some information about their new cartridge.

    Barnaul Cartridge Plant officials confirmed that they will bring this steel-cased 300 Blackout ammunition to the US. Moreover, the first batch has already been sent. This ammo will be marketed under the Wolf brand name and as other Wolf ammunition offerings, it is going to be a much more affordable option. No price estimation has been made yet. We’ll make sure to visit the company’s booth at SHOT Show 2020 and report more details to our readers.

    Barnaul Wolf Steel-Cased .300 Blackout (3)

    As seen in the marketing information below, Barnaul’s steel-cased 300 Blackout ammo will be loaded with 145-grain FMJ bullets traveling at an advertised muzzle velocity of 1,985 fps. The cases will be polymer-coated and the bullets are bimetallic (magnetic).

    Barnaul Wolf Steel-Cased .300 Blackout (1)

    To my knowledge, this will be the first commercially available steel cased .300 Blackout ammunition in the US market and possibly in the world. Looks likeĀ FedArm has been experimenting with making steel-cased 300 BLK ammo, but it’s not listed on their website.

    The introduction of affordable steel-cased ammunition will definitely further increase the popularity of this versatile cartridge. Tell us in the comments section what do you think about this ammunition news. Will it be a turning point for you to get into the .300 Blackout game?

    Images by Barnaul Cartridge Plant

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