NEW Tulster IWB/AIWB Kydex Profile Holster for the Springfield Armory Hellcat

    profile holster

    If the SIG Sauer P365 flipped the firearms industry on its head with their micro-compact pistol that secretly packs a high capacity magazine… then the Springfield Armory Hellcat took that metaphorical head and punted it down the street a little further! The Hellcat without a doubt is an extremely popular choice for concealed carry. The only dilemma with the Hellcat is having a good holster to carry it with. Well, Tulster now has an offering for the Springfield Armory Hellcat with their Profile Holster!

    It is available in Right-Hand or Left-Hand in your choice of 12 different, unique colors: Black, Coyote Brown, Dark Grey, Flat Dark Earth (FDE), Olive Drab Green (OD Green), Black Carbon Fiber, Blood Red Carbon Fiber, Coyote Brown Carbon Fiber, Flat Dark Earth (FDE) Carbon Fiber, Police Blue Carbon Fiber, Kryptek Typhoon, and Multicam. Based on the color that you choose, the pricing varies from $59.99 – $74.99. The rest of the specifications for the holster can be read below as presented by Tulster:

    Features: Tulster IWB/AIWB Kydex Profile Holster (Springfield Armory Hellcat)

    • Undercut Trigger Guard
    • Works w/ Quick Clip or Softloop Kit
    • Adjustable Retention
    • Adjustable Cant: 0 – 30 Degrees
    • Full Sweat Shield
    • Rounded & Buffed Edges
    • Minimal Material

    Included w/ Purchase: Tulster IWB/AIWB Kydex Profile Holster (Springfield Armory Hellcat)

    • (1) 1.5″ Quick Clip
    • (2) ¼” Truss Screws
    • (2) Slotted Post
    • (2) 1/8″ EPDM Spacer/Washer
    • All Screw Threads – Nylon Patched

    I personally have not used one of the Tulster brand holsters myself, but from their YouTube video and the description thus far it looks to have all the ingredients for a good quality holster. For anyone who may already own the Springfield Armory Hellcat, and are contemplating adding this holster to their collection, these are some final remarks from Tulster about their Profile Holster:

    From the ground up, the IWB Profile Holster for the Springfield Armory Hellcat is designed to be an ultra-concealable, minimalistic, appendix carry holster without the drawbacks. Distinct features such as the matte edge finish and minimal material used facilitate in a comfortable fit providing maximum concealment for concealed carry.

    Each AIWB Profile Holster is formed to the Springfield Hellcat for a snug fit with low drag. The adjustable retention screw along with the inherent positive retention “SNAP” ensures the firearm is secure when holstered.

    profile holster

    Removal of extra material between the muzzle and retention screw adds to a layer of comfort without digging into the body or thigh. The trigger guard is intentionally undercut to promote a higher grip on the Hellcat and allow for magazine release while the firearm is fully holstered.

    From the injection molded belt clip to the soft loop option, the cant settings are easily adjustable from 0-30 degrees to allow for a perfect grip on the Springfield Armory Hellcat.

    So for all of our Springfield Armory Hellcat owners in the reading audience, what do you think of the Tulster Profile Holster? Is this something that you would be willing to purchase and work into your rotation of holsters? Is there something else about this holster you would like to see added to it? Let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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