New Bergara B-14R Rifle Now Shipping

    Bergara B-14R (Bergara)

    Back in October Bergara announced the B-14R, a .22LR rifle geared toward training with a rifle built to a similar spec as larger calibre REM700 rifles to emulate feed and handling. The B-14R is now shipping. It is based on a full-size receiver design, it provides a platform that allows shooters the ability to customise their rifle with readily available accessories already on the market. The B-14R has a 10-round modified single stack magazine which is built to similar dimensions as a standard short action AICS magazine.

    Here’s Bergara’s announcement in full:

    Bergara Rifles is pleased to announce that their Bergara B-14R .22 LR Rifle is now shipping.

    Whether it’s for use in the surging popularity of .22 competitions or as a .22 rifle trainer, the new B-14R, with Bergara’s legendary reputation for accuracy, is going to be a game changer in the rimfire world.

    This new rifle is built on a full scale REM700 footprint, including a 90 lift and longer bolt throw. These features allow shooters to have the same size and feel to their centerfire rifle and accommodates the use of other REM700 compatible stocks, bases, and triggers.

    Because the B-14R is based on a full-size receiver design, it also provides a perfect platform to allow any shooter the ability to customize their rifle with all kinds of compatible accessories already in the market. The B-14R features a 10-round magazine modified single stack .22LR design that is built to similar dimensions as a standard short action AICS mag.

    The B-14R will be available in retailers across the country beginning this week. For more information or help in locating a Bergara stocking dealer, please go to

    Here are the Bergara B-14R’s Specs:

    • Caliber: 22 Long rifle
    • Action: B-14R
    • Barrel: 4140 Bergara barrel
    • Twist: 1:16
    • Barrel length: 18”
    • Threaded muzzle: 1/2-28
    • Weight: 9.25 lbs.
    • Length: 38” with spacers
    • HMR stock
    • 10 round magazine
    • Scope mounts: 6-48 screws, Rem 700 compatible

    Find out more at, the rifle will be available with an MSRP of $1,150.

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