TFB Exclusive: The Mandalorian Fett Blaster

    Today we are looking at a Mandalorian Fett Blaster, exclusively on The Firearm Blog.

    The firearm is based on a Quentin Defense ARQ-15 receiver set, and the intention of the build was to scratch the itch to make a rendition of Boba Fett’s gun and create this prior to the series Mandalorian premiering in November 2019.

    For those who are unaware, The Mandalorian is streaming on Disney+ and the series is set “after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order. We follow the travails of a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy far from the authority of the New Republic.

    The surface finishing on the Fett Blaster is “Mandalorian Fett colors Cerakote” (what else?) made by Koted Arms in Mesa, Arizona. 2A Tactical LLC did the laser work and design.

    According to the owner, the build of the Fett Blaster went fairly smoothly with little hiccups.  Preplanning and looking following the conceptual idea of what we wanted made the process smooth.

    Below: the amount of detail in this build is amazing.

    It is a small surprise that their three favorite aftermarket parts can be found on the build:

    Iron City Rifle Works G2 Competition Enhanced BCG Copperhead – ICRW make an excellent bolt carrier groups that run flawlessly.  These are never a disappointment. Color scheme and the bolt color matched perfectly.

    Falkor Defense Optimus PDW Stock – Creating a weapon that from a galaxy far far away is all about look.  Most stocks leave this requirement short, but Falkor Defense’s Optimus was indeed the winning choice. The single guide rod with its unique look really makes the grade.  Solid construction and good surface for laser engraving.

    Pantheon Arms Dolos Takedown Prometheus MC – What a unique way to add to an out of this universe weapon system.  Pantheon Arms really created an opportunity to take the Fett Blaster to the next level.  As a skilled bounty hunter, concealment and adaptability are key components.  The take down meets that fact in this build.

    Below you can find a longer list of the specification and the components used in this build:

    Caliber:   5.56

    Length (min-max):   21”-25”

    Barrel Length, brand and model:   Faxon Gov’t/Socom 5.56 NATO

    Weight (as outfitted, unloaded, no mag): 6 lbs 10 oz

    Accessories List:

    Optic: Leopold Mark AR MOD 1 1.5-4×20

    Optic Mount: Aero Precision Ultralight 30mm

    Receiver:     Quentin Defense ARQ-15 receiver set

    Handguard:  Pantheon Arms DOLOS take down Prometheus MC

    Rifle stock (Brace, Buttstock, etc.):  Falkor Defense Optimus PDW

    Magazine:  Magpul PMAG

    Other accessories:

    POF Tomahawk Charge Handle

    Quentin Defense “Skinny Bitch” Grip

    Elftman Tactical Push Button Safety

    CMC Trigger

    Battle Arms Development Mag Release

    Battle Arms Development Both release

    Strike Industries Take Down pins

    Strike Industries Cookie Cutter

    Iron City Rifle Company G2 Competitions Enhanced BCG Copperhead

    Bootleg pistol length gas tube

    Superlative Arms .750 adjustable gas block


    Pictures from Instagram:


    I am not a Star Wars fan, I was never hooked. However The Mandalorian Trailer makes me very tempted to get Disney+ and start streaming. You can decide yourself below:


    Mandalorian Fett Blaster


    The owner is Steve G at 2A Tactical LLC. Special thanks goes out to Jason at Iron City Rifle Works and JD at Koted Arms.

    With the build, they wanted to make up a silent majority that appreciate something that is beyond the run of the mil-spec black rifle.  Build like these take the quality in the industry and highlight the creativity that exists.

    All pictures (and YouTube below) by Jeremy Tremp at Offensive Marketing Group, used with permission.

    “No Disintegrations.”

    Here’s a quick look at 2A Tactical LLC’s latest masterpiece, The Fett Blaster. Decked out in full Mandalorian colors courtesy of Koted Arms, and tuned with the highest quality AR parts on the market, this rifle is ready for the toughest bounty hunters in the galaxy.


    What is your impression of the Fett Blaster? Please let us know in the comments below! 

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