POTD: The One and Only IPSC Competition in China (2002)

    Photo Of The Day and we go back in time almost 18 years, for the one and only Level III IPSC Competition in China.

    The pictures were posted by Mr. Vince Pinto, who was the Handgun Rules Director (1996-2017) at the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC).

    The match was an exhibition match to try generating interest.

    From Vince Pinto:

    The first and only (so far!) IPSC Level III in China (Beijing) 2002.

    I was Range Master, and I was the only non-Chinese guy there, which is probably why I was tailed all day long by the Chinese equivalents of the CIA, FBI, NSA and some bloke called Sum Ting Wong.

    We had to build all the berms and backstops with hundreds of sandbags because it was a UIT (ISSF) range designed for 22LR.

    And, yes, they were all real, full-bore guns.

    Below: The Humvee looks real, but I think it is made out of fabric.

    Below: Vince Pinto with two of the competitors.

    Note all the sandbags since the shooting range was made for 22 LR.

    The firearms used were the usual STI, SVI, Glocks and CZ 75s.