POTD: White Russian

    A White Russian is a cocktail made with vodka, some kind of coffee liqueur and cream served with lots of ice, preferably in an old fashioned type of glass.

    However, in TFB’s Photo Of The Day we don’t mix drinks, we try to show you the best firearm’s related pictures out there. Today, winter has come. The terrorists have taken our ships.

    Auto-translated from Russian language:

    In the Amur Region, cadets of the Marine Corps Department of the Far Eastern Higher Combined Arms Command School and military personnel of the border patrol ships detachment conducted a joint exercise to free the captured ship from terrorists

    A group of armed terrorists hijacked a ship on the Zeya River. During the main stage, part of the forces operated using an hovercraft.

    The assault groups, having penetrated the deck, neutralized the conditional terrorists.

    Some of the accomplices of the illegal armed group were discovered on the opposite shore with the help of UAV “Eleron-3SV” and neutralized during a raid using snowmobiles A-1.

    -“Comrade, ice is more convenient to walk on than water. I don’t have to be a diver to approach the terrorist”

    Below: Probably a PKM Machine Gun from the hovercraft.

    Pictures: Russian Ministry of Defence.