Gun Safe Organizers – Great Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank!

    With Christmas coming up, its time to look at various gifts for your fellow gun-loving shooting enthusiasts. A new gun is always a great idea but isn’t exactly possible for everyone’s budget. So, I figured it would be helpful to give ideas on another issue many shooters have. Typically when you start acquiring more firearms, it gets harder to keep things organized and easy to find. Last year, I decided to try and organize my gun safes up with organizers and it made a huge difference in keeping everything together. Over the years, I’ve tried a number of products and decided on three different organizing tools that don’t break the bank but make all the difference.

    Bench Master Pistol Racks

    Roughly four months ago I decided to buy one of the Bench Master’s Vertical Pistol Racks. I ended up going with the vertical mag carrier, but use it horizontally to save space in the gun safe. So far, it’s been a fantastic option for me. I’ve really enjoyed having a space for my pistols as well as spare magazines. The Bench Master storage units range in price but start out as low as $34.99. It’s a great tool to use and with the foam inserts, it keeps a variety of pistols and revolvers snug while in storage. Bench Master offers everything from four pistol racks all the way up to a twelve pistol rack. These pistol storage racks are a great foam option that protects your handguns at an affordable price.

    Mag Storage Solutions AR-15 Magazine Holder

    Another great organization tool I use is the Mag Storage Solutions AR magazine holder. The magazine holder is made out of polymer with magnets acting as your attaching point.  The selling point for me is the fact they can be put onto any metal surface for storage. Whether that’s on the side or front of your gun safe or wall, the magazine rack will securely hold its place due to the magnetic mounting system. I think this is one of the most useful organizing tools I use. Often times, I’ll load magazines ahead of time and then grab as many as I need for daily range activities. The Mag Storage Solutions AR holders start out at $39.95 and go up depending on the type of magazine holder you choose.

    SnapSafe Pistol Rack

    The SnapSafe pistol rack is one of the most affordable options on my list you can get that gun enthusiast in your life. SnapSafe makes a variety of pistol racks for your table or gun safe to help with storage. The SnapSafe pistol racks are metal racks with a sturdy rubber layer over mold to prohibit scratches on your pistol. Various websites sell the SnapShot pistol racks and often times can be found for a really great price. I did a quick Google search for pistol racks and immediately found a four handgun rack for just $9.99 on Midway USA. The SnapSafe pistol racks may not have protective foam or extra features but it’s hard to beat the overall value of these racks. It’s a great option to organize your gun safe if you’re on a budget. it’s a better option than stacking your handguns on top of each other.

    Overall Thoughts

    It may seem like a difficult task to buy presents for your gun nut family member or loved one. With some looking, there are plenty of options on the market today. There are some awesome products on the market today that will help out any gun person without breaking the bank. Let me know some of your favorite products for gun organization in the comments below. If you have questions, feel free to message me on my Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there!

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