Underground Arms Watch – December Pt.1

    In this article, we’ll present to you the first part of Underground Arms Watch December edition’s look into notable seizures of criminally manufactured and modified weapons seized off the streets. Read last month’s post here.

    200 Glock conversion switches seized at LAX – Wish.com strikes again.

    These full-auto Glock switches, made in China and widely advertised for use on airsoft gas blowback replicas appear to fit without modification into the actual firearm itself. 200 were apparently seized at LA International Airport after packages sent from three known vendors in China were searched, all bearing similar contents labels including “multitool switch” and “screwdriver”,

    The ATF is scrambling to hunt down thousands of illegal machine gun conversion switches being illegally imported into the United States from China, hundreds of which were recently found and recovered in deceptively labeled packages at the LAX port of entry. – Fox LA

    Hunting these down might become even more tricky as there appears to be a printable version planned for release in time for Christmas.

    Gang & Immigration Enforcement detectives in Arizona seized this loaded .410 zip gun last month:

    What’s this? GIITEM detectives seized this homemade gun loaded with a .410 shotgun shell from a gang member in Yuma yesterday, along with another homemade gun, marijuana, meth and heroin. Thanks to @yumapolice1 and @Arizona_DPS troopers for the help! Call 1-888-NOGANGS with tips (Arizona State Gang Task Force)

    Police say ‘potato gun cannon’ used to launch drugs over Saskatoon jail fence

    An unusual inclusion though nonetheless explosive propulsion employed in criminal pursuits, in the case airborne deliveries.

    Gerald Bull Jr – Photo: Saskatoon Police Service

    Police in New South Wales, Australia seized this pistol which appears to have been built from parts of a bolt action rifle.


    Back yard subgun factory busted

    Police in São Paulo Brazil closed down an illicit gun workshop in São Sebastião on Tuesday. A 26-year-old engineering student arrested who appears to have had quite a production line going on.

    “The clandestine workshop was in the back of a house in the Vila Helena neighborhood. Among the makeshift weapons were submachine guns with ammunition barrels and silencers. The materials were in various rooms of the house, including a child’s room.

    A 26-year-old production engineering student was caught in the act. Ready-made weapons, machinery and other materials used in production were seized.” EPTV


    Below: Two 9mm submachine guns which were seized in Rio De Janeiro on Wednesday. Each appears to be fitted with what are likely airsoft furniture. Both appear to use 33rd Glock magazines.

    Photo: Policia Militar


    Another from Brazil: A .380 cal MAC-type machine pistol which was seized in October.

    Photo: Policia Militar

    IDF seized a locally made ‘Carlo’ submachine gun during raids in Judea and Samaria last weekend.

    Photo: Israeli Defence Forces


    Modified automatic weapons seized in City casino raid in Taiwan

    A police raid on an underground casino operating in Taoyuan City resulted in the seizure of several firearms including an AR-based 9mm submachine gun, two Turkish made Zoraki 925 modified machine pistols and a 935 semi-automatic pistol. The 9mm AR-based SMG has been seized on numerous occasions, being used in several high profile crimes. These are put together with what appears to be a mix of airsoft PDW replica and either copied or original purpose-built parts. The magazines appear to be actual Colt type 32rd stick mags.

    Police charged two men with weapons offences after guns were seized during a raid on an underground casino operating in Taoyuan City, December 1.

    Miaoli County, and Taoyuan City police units had been keeping a suspect known to be armed, and suspected of using a car wash and repair shop as a front for a casino, under observation since early October.

    On December 1, an ad-hoc team, including SWAT officers armed with MP5 submachine guns received a search warrant and raided the casino. Officers used a newly acquired door-busting device to break open an iron security gate and entered the premises.

    Gamblers and staff scattered, and attempted to flee, some jumping out of the second floor windows, and one injuring his ankle in the process. Police fired a warning shot and rounded up and arrested 12 suspects.

    A search of the premises and suspects uncovered an MK-9 submachine gun, three pistols, and 77 rounds of ammunition. A small amount of drugs was also confiscated. Two men, Lin, 23, and Chen, 22, admitted to possession of the weapons, and were charged with offences against guns, knives, and weapons regulations. Both men were released on NT$100,000 bail. (Taiwan English News)

    Last year one of these SMGs was used during a shoot out with police in which the gun itself jammed, leading to the gunman’s demise.

    Another example seized on May 14 2018 in Taoyuan City – Photo: Taiwan English News

    Stay tuned for the upcoming articles of Underground Arms Watch!