Australian Federal Police Select Daniel Defense Mk18 SBR's

Doug E
by Doug E
Australian Federal Police select Daniel Defense Mk18 short barreled rifles

In an effort to better respond to any acts of terrorism, the Australian Federal Police have selected Daniel Defense’s Mk18 short barreled rifles (SBR’s) for use in protecting Australian airports. The Federal Police released the information as a press release to inform the public of why they may see officers patrolling with upgraded hardware. They explained that there is not currently any elevated threat level, but that they are now better prepared in the event that an armed response is necessary in the form of Protection Operation Response Teams (PORT).

Short Barreled Rifle SBR Daniel Defense Mk18

Below is an excerpt from the Australian Federal Police force’s press release:

The PORT members will be equipped with the Daniel Defense Mk 18 SBRs as well as body worn cameras. The SBRs provide a greater strategic scope and accuracy over distance. This capability will allow officers to respond from a greater distance and when combined with rapidly evolving situations, will provide an additional layer of support for first responders.

Protection Operation Response Teams equipped with SBRs will begin deploying immediately, and over the next 12 months will become a common sight at Australian airports. Officers will be trained on their new capabilities and will be required to undergo annual re-validation training.

The AFP also released a short video of the Daniel Defense Mk18 rifles in action during training excersizes.

In a separate public announcement, the AFP explained the incident that spurred on the upgrade to purchase the Daniel Defense Mk18 and other equipment:

In 2017, a plot to deploy an improvised explosive device on an Australian passenger aircraft was foiled by the AFP and our partners. Commonly known as Operation Silves, this incident identified areas where aviation security could be improved.

Australian Federal Police adopt Daniel Defense Mk18 short barreled rifles SBRs

A year later, the Australian government pledged $107 Million spread out over a four year period to complete the build up. The choice of using SBR’s seems reasonable in crowded areas with long distances, and certainly if entry of an aircraft would be necessary. You can check out Daniel Defense’s MK18 specs HERE. Thanks to TFB reader, Tassiebush for the tip!

What do you think of the AFP’s adoption of Daniel Defense’s Mk18 rifles for securing airports?

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Doug E

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